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3H Communication Systems is an industry leading RF and microwave company that provides high value, cost effective solutions to military and commercial markets. Our team specializes in the design and manufacturing of filter products including Lumped Component, Ceramic, Cavity, High Power, Multiplexers, Multi-function assemblies, SMT, Connectorized, Pins, and Leadless filter products from DC to 50 GHz. The high degree of engineering and technical capability focused on innovation with decades of expertise for high value and high-quality RF products allows 3H to provide its customers with custom, high performing filter solutions. We believe that customer service should be nothing short of exceptional, so we support our customers through every step of the design process to ensure that all their technical needs are met.

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Contact: Mike Giarratano
Title: President & CMO
Phone: 949-529-1583


3H Communication Systems Inc.
4000 Barranca Parkway
Irvine CA 92604
United States

3H Communication Systems Inc., a new highly innovative yet low cost design and manufacturing company

3H Communication Systems Inc. is a new highly innovative yet low cost  design and manufacturing company headquartered in Irvine, CA with operations in Tijuana, Mexico. 3H specializes in RF front-end systems mainly Filters, Multiplexers, Switch Filter Banks and Multi-Function Assemblies for the commercial and military markets.  3H’s second to none expertise includes designing for High Power, Low PIM and DAS sub-assemblies solutions for the LTE, WiMax, CDMA, GSM, UMTS, TDMA, WiFi and other wireless markets.

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Quadraplexer: XCCQ101-124

XCCQ101-124 is a high power 4 channel multiplexer that serves, but not limited to the following applications: Law Enforcement, UAV & UGV Ground Stations, 5G Connectivity, Satellite Communications, Wi-Fi, Telemetry and Surveillance.

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600 MHz Band Duplexer

image001The Tx and Rx Band provides >110 dB co-channel isolation while maintaining <1.0 dB Passbands insertion loss. Specifications include frequency bands: Tx: 640 to 650 MHz, Rx: 661 to 671 MHz, Tx to Rx rejection: >110 dB at 661 to 671 MHz, Rx to Tx Rejection: >100 dB at 640 to 650 MHz, Tx/Rx passband insertion loss: <1.0 dB as well as average power handling: up to 200 W.

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Leadless SMT Bandpass Filter: XLCN400-30-7SS

3H-comm200 bandpass filter3H Communication Systems model number XLCN400-30-7SS, is a leadless SMT bandpass filter with a notch integrated into the passband. Insertion loss at 235 to 345 MHz is < 2.0 dB and < 2.5 at 435 to 465 MHz. The notch band is centered at 400 MHz with a 30 MHz notch band of >15 dB attenuation. The filter size is 0.74 L x 0.44 W x 0.27 H" and is suitable in tape and reel packaging.

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Public Safety Filter

Public Safety3H Communication Systems designs and manufactures a complete line of Public Safety filters and multiplexers for First Responders for Land, Mobile, Marine and Aeronautical markets. The filter products are suited for VHF, UHF, 700, 800, 900 MHz and Tetra Bands. 3H filter products offer low insertion loss and >60 dB Co-Channel isolation.

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