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One of 3H Communication Systems’ core missions was to develop smaller, lighter and better performing filters at competitive prices. RF filters are probably one of the most mission critical components in any wireless communication system. RF filters are used every day in handheld radios for commercial and military applications including aircraft, marine, medical and high reliability space applications. Today’s customers request high performance, smaller size and lighter filter products. Up until now there has been a performance penalty for making these vital components smaller and lighter. In the past, filters were typically the largest components on a PC board and subject to manual assembly.

3H Communication Systems developed the Nano Filter series to overcome their customers’ size constraints. The typical Nano series filters measure 0.65" ×0.20" ×0.08". 3H’s Nano filters are designed and manufactured for automated assembly utilizing pick and place equipment. 3H can also accommodate a diplexer option in a similar package size. These Nano filters are also capable of withstanding aqueous wash and will operate under Mil-Std-202 conditions. The Nano filters have an operational frequency band from 40 MHz to 9.0 GHz and can accommodate up to 11 sections with bandwidths up to 100 percent with operational temperature range from -55° to +125° C. 3H Nano filters are available in bandpass, lowpass, highpass and band-reject configurations.

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