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Pat Hindle is responsible for editorial content, article review and special industry reporting for Microwave Journal magazine and its web site in addition to social media and special digital projects. Prior to joining the Journal, Mr. Hindle held various technical and marketing positions throughout New England, including Marketing Communications Manager at M/A-COM (Tyco Electronics), Product/QA Manager at Alpha Industries (Skyworks), Program Manager at Raytheon and Project Manager/Quality Engineer at MIT. Mr. Hindle graduated from Northeastern University - Graduate School of Business Administration and holds a BS degree from Cornell University in Materials Science Engineering.
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Top 15 Technical Articles of 2016

December 30, 2016

Here is a look at the most popular technical articles (by number of page views) for 2016. About half are cover stories but several are older, classic articles from many years ago (including #1).

  1. On the Direct Conversion Receiver -- A Tutorial
    Ashkan Mashhour, William Domino, Norman Beamish
  2. Comparing Microstrip and Grounded Coplanar Waveguide
    John Coonrod, Rogers Corporation
  3. A General Design Procedure for Bandpass Filters Derived from Low Pass Prototype Elements
    K.V. Puglia 
  4. History of Wireless Communications
    Pat Hindle, Editor, Microwave Journal 
  5. The 5G mmWave Radio Revolution       
    Amitava Ghosh, Nokia Bell Labs
  6. Get Your GaN Here: RF GaN Foundry Survey       
    Pat Hindle, Gary Lerude and Richard Mumford
  7. Basic Rules for Anechoic Chamber Design, Part One: RF Absorber Approximations
    Vince Rodriguez
  8. Design of a Planar Microstrip Balun at S-band
     Jwo-Shiun Sun, Tsung-Lin Lee 
  9. Axial Ratio Measurements of Single Circularly Polarized Antennas
    Robert Gunnels 
  10. Eye on 802.11ax: What It Is and How to Overcome the Design and Test Challenges It Creates
    Michael Wohlert, Sang-Kyo Shin and Xiang Feng, Keysight Technologies
  11. 3D Integration and Packaging of mmWave Circuits and Antennas: Opportunities and Challenges
     Ossama El Bouayadi, Yann Lamy, Laurent Dussopt and Gilles Simon, CEA-Leti
  12. Going Green: High Efficiency GaN Amplifiers
     Patrick Hindle
  13. Metamaterial Advances for Radar and Communications
    Eli Brookner, Raytheon Co. (Retired) 
  14. A Practical Guide to the Design of Microstrip Antenna Arrays
    Roger Hill 
  15. DC to 110 GHz Measurements in Coax Using the 1 mm Connector
    Keith Howell and Ken Wong

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