Articles by Microwave Journal Staff

Norway Selects SIRFC for NH 90 Helicopters

Norway has selected ITT's AN/ALQ-211(V) suite of integrated radio frequency countermeasures (SIRFC) for installation aboard the 14 NH 90 helicopters it is procuring for use by its Air Force (eight aircraft) and Navy (six aircraft). First flown aboard a US Army AH-64D battlefield attack helicopter during March 1999, SIRFIC...
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RAWCON ’99 Conference Report

A recap of the 1999 IEEE Radio and Wireless Conference (RAWCON '99) held August 1-4 in Denver, CO
RAWCON ’99 Conference Report The 1999 IEEE Radio and Wireless conference (RAWCON ’99) was held in Denver, CO August 1–4, and proved to be a great success. This conference has evolved over the past few years into a very solid technical meeting, which emphasizes the interdisciplinary understanding of technologies...
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