Magnetron Transmitter: VPW3475

The VPW3475 magnetron transmitter is developed as a fully integrated magnetron system operating up to 350 kW peak power. This microwave transmitter uses a CPI coaxial magnetron as its RF output device. The frequency of operation is magnetron dependent. Any CPI magnetron with RF power range up to 400 kW can be used in this transmitter. CPI provides any modifications required for the particular magnetron chosen. 

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TWT Pulsed Amplifier: VZL3530P2

ALL GRAY TESTTRANSM CMYK2The VZL3530P2 pulsed amplifier is a modular assembly that allows for either lower powered multiple test applications or a single amplifier phase combined system of two VZL-3530P2 amplifiers achieving 7.5 kW peak-pulsed output power. Wideband, automatic fault recycle, user-friendly microprocessor-controlled logic with integrated computer interface, digital metering, and quiet operation suitable for laboratory environments. An integral solid state preamplifier and IEEE interface are included.

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