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ELEKTRA EMI test software

EMI Test Software: R&S ELEKTRA

The R&S ELEKTRA EMI test software has been designed for easy and intuitive EMI measurements during product development. It supports EMI test receivers and spectrum analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz. Even development engineers or technicians who only occasionally use these instruments to measure electromagnetic interference are able to configure automated test sequences quickly, often right in the development lab, using GTEM cells or line impedance stabilization networks (LISN).

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Modular Probe System: RT-ZM

Rohde & Schwarz introduced a modular probe system for precision measurements up to 9 GHz. The R&S RT-ZM probe system used in combination with a Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscope is an excellent solution for easily and precisely measuring fast signals. It offers a maximum bandwidth up to 9 GHz, a DC offset range of ±16 V and the MultiMode function that allows users to switch between test modes without recontacting.

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Generation and Analysis of 5G Signals

Rohde--Schwarz-5G-VerizonRohde & Schwarz has successfully demonstrated the generation and analysis of 5G signals based on the characteristics as specified in the Verizon open trial specifications. The R&S SMW200A vector signal generator and the R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer both provide outstanding test and measurement capabilities, resulting in an EVM performance of 1 percent when applying these 5G signals.

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Mid Range Signal and Spectrum Analyzer: FSVA

RSRohde & Schwarz has introduced the R&S FSVA, an enhanced mid range signal and spectrum analyzer for signal analysis and demodulation up to millimeter-wave frequencies. Users benefit from the features of this instrument in all measurements up to 40 GHz where low phase noise, high sensitivity and wide analysis bandwidth are required. R&S FSVA offers a 160 MHz analysis bandwidth over its entire frequency range.

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Shielded RF Test Box: TS7124

TS7124 RF shielded boxThe new R&S TS7124 RF shielded box from Rohde & Schwarz offers the best shielding effectiveness, the largest interior dimensions and the most flexible antenna configurations in its class. It provides reliable, reproducible measurement results in a shielded test environment, especially during the production of wireless devices. Unique in its class, the R&S TS7124 offers shielding in excess of 80 dB at 6 GHz. Its frequency range from 300 MHz to 6 GHz.

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Functional Radio Communication Tester: CMW290

CMW290R&S CMW290 functional radio communication tester from Rohde & Schwarz is the right solution for users who want to integrate wireless modules into their platforms and test them. For end-to-end testing of applications, the R&S CMW290 can simulate a cellular network and set up a connection between the application on the device or system and the server. IMS server, audio or eCall/ERA-Glonass functionality are also available for the R&S CMW290. 

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Ultrasensitive Phase Noise Analyzer / VCO Tester: FSWP

FSWPThe R&S FSWP phase noise analyzer and VCO tester from Rohde & Schwarz enables ultrasensitive and ultra-fast phase noise measurements. It also allows users to measure the spectral purity of signal sources such as generators, synthesizers, high-end oscillators (OCXO, DRO, …) and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO) more quickly than with any other solution. The high-end instrument covers a frequency range up to 26 GHz and offers a top dynamic range.

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USB and LAN Diode Sensors: NRPxxS / NRPxxSN

NRP_47529_03_largeThe completely redesigned R&S NRPxxS and R&S NRPxxSN USB three-path diode power sensors offer unprecedented measurement speed and accuracy, even at low levels. The sensors enable 10,000 triggered measurements per second with a minimum trigger resolution of 100 µs. A special mode permits 50,000 equidistant measurements per second. The improved design decreased the lower measurement limit to -70 dBm, resulting in a very wide dynamic range of 93 dB.

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Vector Signal Generator: SMW200A

SMW40GHz_47162_04With its new microwave frequency options, the R&S SMW200A vector signal generator supports development applications requiring complex multichannel scenarios up to 40 GHz. It is the only instrument on the market to combine a baseband generator and RF generator with fading, AWGN and MIMO capabilities in a single box. It can be used for radar and satellite component and module tests as well as for future 5G technology development.

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