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Digital Programmable Attenuator

AMC_pic5American Microwave Corp. announces its latest product development. AMC Model Number APD3-0080G-0180G-111A is an 8 to 18 GHz phase invariant digital programmable attenuator. A double balanced arrangement of quadrature couplers and pin diodes gives phase invariant attenuation. It has an attenuation range of 32 dB, insertion loss of <5.5 dB, VSWR of 2.0:1.

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American_Microwave_AttenuatorsmallAMERICAN MICROWAVE CORPORATION, INC. announces an improved programmable attenuator. This incorporates a new linearization circuit to enable fast and accurate attenuation switching. The new design focuses on quick settling and stable operation over temperature extremes. Switching between any attenuation level is typically settled within 1 dB in about 400ns.

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AMMicAGT-2018-60D-100-RWAmerican Microwave Corp. offers Model AGT-2018-60D-100 option RW, a broad band variable attenuator/modulator with 60 dB dynamic range, designed to operate over the full 0.5 to 18 GHz frequency range with a rise and fall time of 3 uSec maximum, a VSWR of 2.2:1 maximum, an insertion loss of 5.2 dB maximum, and a transfer function of 10 dB/V.

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High Efficiency, Small Size 40/45 dB DLVA

AmMicLVD-910-85-N-EGGAmerican Microwave Corp offers a high efficiency, small size 40/45 dB DLVA with picowatt snsitivity: Model number LVD-910-85 option N-EGG. It operates over the frequency range of 9.3 to 10.8 GHz. This DLVA has a logging range of -80 dBm to -40/-35 dBm (TSS -85 dBm) minimum, with linearity error of less than ±0.75 dB and frequency flatness of ±1.0 dB.

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AmMicSW-2184-1-1020_picsmallAmerican Microwave Corporation (AMC) Switch, Model SW-2184-1 Option 1020 is a SPST switch without an integral driver. They are broadband, nominally 2 to 18 GHz. The Option 1020 has been tuned and adjusted to perform over the bandwidth of 10 GHz to 20 GHz with a Minimum Isolation of 70dB at a Maximum Insertion Loss of 2.5dB with a VSWR of 1.9:1 Maximum.

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