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Triple Output Step-Down µModule®: LTM4634

LTM4634Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTM4634, a triple output step-down µModule® (micromodule) regulator in a 15 mm x 15 mm x 5.01 mm BGA package with integrated heat sink. The thermally efficient package enables the LTM4634 to deliver full current on all three outputs (5A, 5A, and 4A), more than 70 W of output power at 65° C ambient with 200 LFM airflow.

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Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Controller : LTC3807

LTC3807Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTC3807, a low quiescent current synchronous step-down DC/DC controller that draws only 50 µA in standby mode with the output voltage in regulation. The LTC3807 has powerful 1.1 Ohm on-chip MOSFET gate drivers. It operates with a selectable fixed frequency between 50 and 900 kHz and is synchronizable to an external clock ranging from 75 to 850 kHz.

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Precision Operational Amplifiers: LTC6091 / LTC6090-5

140PrecisionOpAmpsLinear Technology announces the LTC6091 and LTC6090-5, additions to the LTC6090 family of precision operational amplifiers which operate on a supply voltage up to 140 V (±70 V). The dual LTC6091 features separate output disable pins, making it useful in high voltage multiplexed applications. The decompensated single LTC6090-5 amplifier offers higher speed and is stable at a gain of 5 or above.

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µModule® Converter: LTM8046

ltm8046Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTM8046, a 2.5 W output DC/DC µModule® (micromodule) converter with 2 kVAC galvanic isolation (production tested to 3 kVDC) in a 9 mm x 15 mm x 4.92 mm ball grid array (BGA) package. A minimum creepage distance of 4.3 mm on the package exterior supports operation at a working voltage up to 400 VRMS in a pollution degree 2 environment.

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Linear's high efficiency synchronous boost controller reduces thermal stress

 Linear Technology Corp. announces the LTC3769, a synchronous step-up DC/DC controller that replaces the boost diode with a high efficiency N-channel MOSFET, increasing efficiency and maximizing output current capability. This controller produces 24 V at up to 5 A output from a 12 V input with up to 98 percent efficiency, making it ideal for automotive, industrial and medical applications where a step-up DC/DC converter must have low heat dissipation in a small solution size. 

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Synchronous Buck Regulator: LTC3622

LTC362--2The LTC3622 is a high efficiency, 17 V input capable synchronous buck regulator from Linear Technology that delivers dual 1 A continuous current to outputs as low as 0.6 V. Synchronous rectification delivers efficiencies as high as 95%, while Burst Mode® operation requires only 5 µA of no load quiescent current.

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