Articles by Computer Simulation Technology (CST), Darmstadt, Germany

CST Enhances RCS Simulation Capabilities

RCS is an important consideration when designing new equipment, and is something that CST has long supported. The 2015 release builds on the previous RCS capabilities of CST STUDIO SUITE by adding the ability to produce RCS maps – plots of RCS phase or amplitude against frequency and scan angle – with the shooting and bouncing ray (SBR) asymptotic solver. RCS maps give engineers a more detailed view of the cross-section of a platform, and can be used to help identify potential scatterers.

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CST Introduces New Filter Synthesis Tool

Planar filters are widely used by engineers developing low-cost or compact printed electronics for applications such as networking, communication and signal processing. For these filters, the design process typically has two stages. The first step is selecting an appropriate filter topology from a synthesis tool or textbook and calculating the filter coefficients that match the specification. The second step is analyzing and fine-tuning the filter through simulation or prototyping to ensure that it operates correctly when installed.

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