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Dec. 2010 EDA Focus: COMSOL V4.1 Focuses on Productivity

Aeroflex has just introduced a new range of general purpose portable benchtop RF instruments at an attractive price. The first products include two signal generators that are compact and lightweight with low phase noise, accuracy and fast settling time.

Aeroflex's New SGA>>

COMSOL v4.1 focuses on productivity with new feature for multi-domain EM analysis. Intuitive model set-up, faster simulation and enhanced results visualization top the list of new features.

COMSOL 4.1>>

Avago Technologies has announced two new gain block solutions that expand its high-performance power amplifier family targeting cellular infrastructure applications.

Avago Gain Blocks>>


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COMSOL Unveils Multiphysics Version 4.1

COMSOL unveiled a pre-release of its market-leading multiphysics modeling and simulation environment, COMSOL Multiphysics version 4.1. Evaluation licenses were distributed to attendees and members of the media present at the sixth annual COMSOL Conference currently being held in Boston, MA. Productivity stands out as the major theme in version...
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