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San-tron launches SRX low PIM cable assemblies line

San-tron Inc., a manufacturer of RF and microwave coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, has introduced its new line of SRX™ cable assemblies for low PIM requirements. The SRX line is an engineered suite of low PIM cable assemblies designed to support system integrators. Several different deployment scenarios encompassing cabinet integration, short cable runs or jumper applications, long haul cable runs, indoor use, outdoor use, riser, and plenum environments, have been accommodated for and include interconnect options for SMA, N, 7/16, and TNC mating.

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Low PIM Cable Assemblies

San-tron has developed a new series of low PIM cable assemblies that feature intermodulation performance as low as -181 dBc with an eSeries 7/16 connector terminated on TFlex-402 cable. Typical performance across the lineup of assemblies terminated with eSMA and eSeries Type Ns is -162 dBc. The eSMA cable...
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Field-Replaceable SMAs

FieldReplaceableSMAsSan-tron Inc. has a full line of field-replaceable SMAs for applications from DC to 26.5 GHz (and with usable performance to 31 GHz). The connector families include models for mating with 0.012-, 0.015-, 0.018-, and 0.020-in. center pins to accommodate a wide range of RF/microwave circuit dimensions.

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S292™ Connectors

292_100San-tron Inc. has announced the launch of S292 Connectors, a new series of 2.92 mm connectors that operate through K band. The launch diameters of these S292 connectors are specifically oriented to the Thunderline-Z .012 pinned glass beads and are RF matched to the dielectric properties of the Corning glass #7070.

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UG-27 C/U Adapters

Santron_100San-tron Inc., a manufacturer of RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, has announced the release of a new UG-27 C/U, the first right angle adapter to feature solderless construction. The solder-free construction offers dependability equal to a straight plug while achieving 90° bends.

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UG-58 A/U Type N Panel Receptacle

Santron_Ug58_100San-tron, Inc., a manufacturer of RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, has announced the release of a UG-58 A/U Type N panel receptacle that features single piece body construction. The seamless UG-58s are manufactured using a custom machine designed and built by San-tron for fully automated assembly.

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