Articles by SPINNER

Spinner Opens Subsidiary in Brazil

By setting up the subsidiary – Spinner Comercio e Indústria do Brasil Ltda. – Spinner has continued its commitment to providing ‘High Frequency Performance Worldwide’ by expanding its network of subsidiaries for manufacture, sales and service. Together with production sites in Germany, Hungary, China and the US, the new...
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SPINNER Features Single Channel Coax Rotary Joint

The new single channel coax rotary joint rounds off the SPINNER product portfolio at the upper end. SPINNER's BN 835077 with 2.4 mm (f) connections has a transmission range up to 50 GHz, which makes it the product with the broadest transmission band in the series. Further rotary joints...
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SPINNER Develops Rotary Joints for SATCOM

In order to provide equipment manufacturers with rotary joints tailored to the specific requirements of fixed and mobile SATCOM systems, SPINNER has developed two new rotary joint product families: Single channel waveguide rotary joints for Ku-band; and dual-channel coaxial rotary joints, which are suitable for Ku-band and intermediate frequency...
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