Articles by Jim Barthold, Telecommunications

Sprint, Clearwire Tie the Knot Again

This time there’s money from cable and other interested parties
Sprint and Clearwire have decided to jointly pursue a WiMAX- based mobile broadband Internet vision using the new/old name Clearwire. Ironically, the two tried this before — as did Sprint and three of its new cable investors, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks in a relationship called...
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Taiwan On

Mobile WiMAX getting a boost via NextWave, Global Mobile partnership
NextWave Wireless and Global Mobile are collaborating to deliver personalized mobile multimedia services including mobile TV, interactive media and digital audio via emerging mobile WiMAX technology in Taipei, Taiwan. The comprehensive field trial, which is expected to evolve into a full deployment, will use NextWave’s end-to-end WiMAX technology including...
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DirecTV’s Wireless Play Still in Limbo

Satellite provider’s watching new Clearwire; cheering for telcos
It wouldn’t hurt DirecTV to come up with a triple play bundle of some sort to mesh with its HD- and sports-rich television packages, but don’t expect the satellite provider to jump into the WiMAX space, an executive said during the Lehman Brothers Worldwide Wireless and Wireline Conference. “I...
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Mformation Takes Aim at WiMAX Devices

Extends mobile device management software platform
Mobile device software management vendor Mformation Technologies is taking its product portfolio beyond traditional cellular mobile devices into the emerging mobile WiMAX space with plans to provide “seamless all-IP device management and remote activation capabilities.” With the expanded Mformation software mobile service providers can remotely activate, configure, diagnose, update,...
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Vegas Resort Places Bets on Wireless

Sprint, MobileAccess team to provide wide-ranging infrastructure
The under-construction M Resort, Spa and Casino in Las Vegas has placed all its chips on wireless, betting that today’s technology and tomorrow’s potential will pay off with a unique and enhanced communications atmosphere for guests and employees alike. The resort is also placing a small hedge bet by...
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Stepping Forward With Standards

Femto Forum pushes now-generation standards; looks to LTE and WiMAX
Even as it makes an all-out effort to standardize the interface between a femtocell access point and a femto gateway, the Femto Forum is looking ahead to assure that international standards bodies consider femtos when developing specifications for LTE and WiMAX. The organization’s vendor members, at the urging of...
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Using WiMAX to Fight the Evil Empire

Non-mobile freedom fighters band together to fight AT&T and Verizon
If you can’t join ‘em, fight ‘em. That could be the rallying cry behind the “new” Clearwire which is being shaped from the ashes of the old Clearwire, Sprint’s XOHM, the Sprint-cable Pivot relationship, Google’s failed attempt to control the 700 MHz spectrum auction and Intel’s ongoing need to...
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CTIA Wireless 2008: Hesse Affirms WiMAX Future

Sprint Nextel’s wireless goal: ‘own the pole position,’ CEO says in keynote
WiMAX, a transmission technology with a seemingly always cloudy future, is still a bright spot in the Sprint Nextel broadband wireless landscape, Dan Hesse, the company’s increasingly famous president-CEO said during a first-day keynote address at CTIA Wireless 2008. “WiMAX is not slideware,” Hesse said. “We believe the market...
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CTIA Wireless 2008: WiMAX, LTE in test pattern

Spirent adds WiMAX, LTE MIMO and beamforming to product package
WiMAX and LTE, especially when using bandwidth-efficient configurations like bi-directional Multiple-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) and beamforming, promise a near nirvana of high- speed data possibilities. They also promise a potential nightmare of configuration issues that must be thoroughly tested to make sure everything performs up to snuff. MIMO increases network...
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Telsima Nails Down Giant WiMAX Deal

Tata Communications chooses Silicon Valley firm for Indian rollout
Telsima, a small Silicon Valley-based WiMAX player has nailed what is certainly its biggest deal and could, considering the number of potential end customers, be the biggest WiMAX deal ever. The company said that Tata Communications has launched broadband wireless services to about 5,000 users based on its WiMAX...
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