Vayyar 4D Radar

How Vayyar 4D Imaging Radar Systems Are Enabling New Automotive Safety Applications

3-Part Video Series Including Interviews and Demos

As our September editorial theme is Automotive and Connected Vehicles, we took this opportunity to do a video series with Vayyar Imaging a leader in 4D imaging radar systems for ADAS/SRR/Autonomy, in cabin safety sensing and newly added motorcycle/scooter safety. The video series is 3 parts:

  • Low Cost 4D Imaging Radar Systems For ADAS/SRR/Autonomy
  • In Cabin Automotive Radar Systems Enabling New Safety Applications
  • New Compact Radar Systems for Motorcycle/Scooter Safety Applications

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Frequency Matters with spectralDSP: How to Solve the High PAPR Dilemma

Microwave Journal editors Pat Hindle and Gary Lerude talk with industry experts Dr. Fred Harris, professor at UCSD, and Pete Wassell, President and CEO of spectralDSP about how their technology can overcome high peak to average power ratio challenges that lower power amplifier efficiency to great improve the energy consumption of cellular and satellite networks.

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