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An RFIC Test Systems Contactor with a Long Lifetime and Reduced Parasitics

The YieldPro contactor that combines a long lifetime, a wiping action, respectable compliance range and small size for operation to 18 GHz
An RFIC Test Systems Contactor with a Long Lifetime and Reduced Parasitics Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) Santa Rosa, CA Nestled within the heart of high speed RFIC and MMIC test systems is the contactor (or socket), a tiny component that has importance far greater than its size suggests. As the...
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Computer-aided Design of MMIC Variable Attenuators

The design, fabrication and testing of a 3 to 7 GHz, voltage-controlled MMIC attenuator
Computer-aided Design of MMIC Variable Attenuators Variable attenuators are used widely in telecommunications and electronic warfare applications to adjust the signal level or compensate for intrinsic gain variations in operating temperature. This article discusses the design, fabrication and testing of a 3 to 7 GHz, voltage-controlled MMIC attenuator and...
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Appendix A: The MMICAD Simulation file

Appendix A The MMICAD Simulation file !NONLINEAR MESFET MODEL !OPTOTEK LTD. ! files \mmicad\atten\p2vp47.s2p mescs 101 ! !set up the voltage control variable var vc1=20 ! ckt !*************************************************** !a user defined mesfet nonlinear model !as a function of gate bias !rdist=-.2 + .98vg-.103vgˆ2+.0041VGˆ3 !-6.5E-5VGˆ4 + 3.65E-7VGˆ5 !cdist = .615/(1...
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Beyond the 1GHz Barrier with Thick-Film Ceramic

Using a ceramic multichip module to achieve high frequency performance beyond what is capable in a printed circuit board
Beyond the 1 GHz Barrier with Thick-film Ceramic Daniel I. Amey and Samuel J. Horowitz DuPont Electronic Materials Research Triangle Park, NC Stephen Sekel Tektronix Inc. Beaverton, OR Jeff Powell and Brian Durwood Maxtek Components Corp. Beaverton, OR Design challenges change at frequencies beyond 1 GHz. Circuits begin to...
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Appendix A: A PCB vs. MCM-c Comparison Matrix

Appendix A: A PCB vs. MCM-c Comparison Matrix Problem Description PCB solution MCM-C solution Cost Final design must meet cost targets Reinforced BT epoxy or GETEK can meet high frequency performance requirements, but costs are higher than for conventional FR4 boards, heat sinks and special wire-bondable conductors add to...
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Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit INDUSTRY NEWS Microwave multifunction module (MFM) manufacturer REMEC Inc. and microwave component and MFM provider Q-bit Corp. have signed a letter of intent to merge for common stock. The agreement is subject to satisfaction of customary conditions. In related news, REMEC has completed the sale of...
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New Literature

New Literature Interconnect Product Brochure This four-page brochure (CompactFlash™ Interconnects for OEMs) describes the company's line of CompactFlash interconnect products for original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Technical drawings and ordering information are provided. Specifications are listed. 3M Electronic Products Division, Austin, TX (800) 328-0016, ext. 114. RF and Microwave Radio...
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COMPONENTS Broadband, Low Video Transient Switches The models SWN-AKG-1DR-12-HS-LVT and SWN-AKG-1DR-12X-LVT SPST PIN diode switches cover the frequency band of 0.5 to 18 GHz and are available in either reflective or absorptive versions. Isolation is typically 100 dB at 0.5 GHz and 80 dB at 18 GHz. Switching speed...
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MATERIALS Waterproof Microwave Absorber The type MAC-6200 waterproof lowband flexible microwave absorber covers the band from 3 to 12 GHz with an attenuation of 12 dB or better. The absorber features standard panel dimensions of 36" x 72" and good flexibility with tear-resistant durable outer surfaces. Typical thickness is...
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PACKAGING High Frequency Alumina/Glass Sidewall Flatpack This high frequency alumina/glass sidewall flatpack now features two different grounding techniques to achieve higher frequencies. Base-to-seal-ring grounding straps are provided that reduce radiation effects generated at the top cover caused by extraneous coupling. In addition, the packaged base (circuit ground) is grounded...
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