The Russian Federation's Moscow-based Rosoboronexport export agency is offering a detachable communications intelligence (COMINT) system that can be easily incorporated aboard any type of utility helicopter.

Operating within the 30 to 2000 MHz frequency band, the package comprises an onboard equipment set (made up of four laptop computer-equipped workstations) and a retractable antenna assembly that is installed in a suitable location on the host aircraft's belly.

It is designed to establish electronic orders of battle; monitor illegal paramilitary/smuggling activity; support search and rescue operations and provide a border/territorial water surveillance capability. System functions include automatic search, detection and identification of emitters; high speed panoramic analysis of the frequency of received signals; automatic, multi-emitter direction-finding (DF) within the 30-1200 MHz sub-band and position location; the creation of signal, emitter and target databases and the presentation of COMINT data overlaid on an electronic map.

In terms of specific performance, the equipment's DF accuracy, sensitivity, frequency measurement accuracy and dynamic range are given as 2° to 5°, 2 µW, 2 kHz and 60 dB, respectively. In terms of potential platforms, it is believed that the system has been flown aboard the MIL Mi-8 helicopter and is at least applicable to the same company's Mi-17 design.