Executive Interview: Eric Béranger, CEO of OneWeb

The proposed LEO, 648 satellite constellation will provide broadband access to any location on the planet

Eric Béranger, CEO of OneWebEric Béranger, CEO of satellite venture OneWeb, shares the vision, business model and status of the 648 LEO satellite constellation that aims to provide broadband internet access for the globe.

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Executive Interview, Ben Zickel, CTO, Goji Research

Revolutionizing Microwave Cooking

ZickelBen Zickel, chief technology officer of Goji Research, reviews the revolutionary changes being made to microwave ovens incorporating solid-state amplifier technology and its impact on the food preparation process and consumer oven market.

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Executive Interview: Katharina König, managing director of SPINNER

Delivering excellent technology paired with superb quality for 70 years

Katharina König, managing director of SPINNER and granddaughter of company founder Dr. Georg Spinner, explains how Dr. Spinner's technology-driven philosophy enabled SPINNER to became a global enterprise and how the company is adapting to the 21st century.

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Executive Interview: Lars Jacob Foged, MVG’s Scientific Director

Lars MVG Scientific Director Lars Jacob Foged was nominated in May to be the 2016 Chair of the Industrial Initiatives Committee of the IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society (AP-S). The biennial "European School of Antenna" (ESoA) Chinese courses were held in Beijing and Shanghai in July, where he was a teacher. Microwave Journal China interviewed him in Beijing.

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