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Pulse Electronics offers high frequency multilayer ceramic chip inductors

 Pulse Electronics Corp., a leading provider of electronic components, has extended its inductor product offerings with a new line of high frequency multilayer ceramic chip inductors. These RF ceramic inductors have low DC resistance, high Q values at higher frequencies, high self-resonant frequency, and high reliability. These new inductors can be used in wireless devices, broadband circuits, RFID devices, RF transceivers, modules, and medical devices. 

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RFMW Ltd. announces Delta Electronics distribution agreement

RFMW Ltd. and Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp. announced a worldwide distribution agreement effective April 7, 2014. Delta Electronics, founded in 1955, offers a full range of RF/Microwave and Millimeter wave interconnects. RFMW Ltd. is a specialized distributor providing customers and suppliers with focused distribution of RF and microwave components as well as specialized component-engineering support.

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