The largest research project in Europe to research and develop highly integrated electronic system-in-package solutions has been launched. Working together on the Efficient Silicon Multi-Chip System-in-Package Integration (ESiP) project are 40 microelectronics companies and research institutions from a total of nine European countries, with the aim of making miniaturized complex microelectronics systems more reliable and testable.

Under the leadership of Infineon Technologies the research project will run until April 2013. The company's contribution to the ESiP project is to further develop system integration solutions comprising several microchips and improve them in terms of failure analysis, reliability and testability.

The results of the ESiP project should put Europe in a leading position in the development and manufacture of miniaturized microelectronics systems. In the future, several chips with different production techniques and structure widths will be integrated in a standard chip package for more and more applications.

With a total budget of €35 M, the aim of ESiP is to investigate the reliability of new production processes and materials required to build a System-in-Package (SiP). The project will also involve developing new methods for error analysis and testing. The results of the ESiP project will in the future be used in communication technology devices, medical equipment and electric vehicles.