IMST announced the latest release of its EMPIRE XCcel™ software. Despite the fact that EMPIRE already had the capability of using multicore CPUs during recent years, it now has come to pass that you may use an almost unlimited set of network-PCs for ONE simulation job; it is now possible to speed-up all simulation processes to new heights. The almost infinite extension of memory-space, based on the available PCnetwork resources, effectuates a never before seen raise of complexities to be tackled by EMPIRE, i.e. by higher resolutions and/or larger dimensions.

The new features include:

• One simulation job distributed on multiple, networked PCs • Speed-Up of simulation processes, and/or • Raise of complexities covered by EMPIRE, i.e. by higher resolutions or larger dimensions, through 'virtual' extension of memory-space throughout the accessible PC-network • Completely automated distribution of files and data throughout the simulation run • Easy configuration capability for multiple hosts • Transparent job-management by visualization of configuration and processes • Performance and simulation-speed scales linearly with number of PCs

For engineers, Empire XCcel™ is synonymous with challenging 3D simulations of electromagnetic fields. This simulator was originally designed by IMST engineers 10 years ago for their own projects because nothing like it was available at the time. Since its commercial launch in 1998, this product has successfully established itself in both domestic and international markets.