Gowanda Electronics, a designer and manufacturer of precision electronic components for RF and power applications, is introducing its MLRF1010 RF Inductor Series at the 2010 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Anaheim, CA (Booth #1538).

Gowanda’s MLRF1010 series is QPL approved to MIL-PRF-83446/04. The series provides surface-mount inductors with inductance from 0.01 to 27 uH, Q min from 22 to 60, SRF MHz min from 22 to 2700, DCR Ohms max from 0.06 to 6.9 and current rating DC mA from 120 to 1270. The small size of the MLRF1010 series is unique in the industry at 0.100 x 0.100 inch (2.54 x 2.54 mm).

Gowanda’s MLRF1010 series was designed for RF applications in military, aerospace and defense communities. This includes use in communication, guidance and security applications, as well as in radar, test & evaluation, and special mission applications or wherever designs require QPL-approved inductor components with the performance offered by the MLRF1010 series.

Gowanda is introducing this MLRF1010 series, which expands the company’s QPL offerings, in response to ongoing market demand for more QPL-approved inductor suppliers.