FilResearch Filter Synthesis Software for Windows (FilSynth) is an interactive software package for designing sophisticated radio frequency and microwave filters and multiplexers. FilSynth combines the knowledge of software engineering, component engineering and system engineering into one powerful integrated package. It seamlessly bridges the gap between microwave filter design engineering and electromagnetic simulation software. It is designed to meet today and tomorrow’s needs for passive microwave filter synthesis and design.

FilSynth 2.0 can now synthesize and design multiple filters and multiplexers, including individual filters, star-type multiplexers, common resonator-type multiplexers, manifold-type multiplexers, shunt connected multi-band filters and cascaded filters. Individual filters can be directly synthesized, while the multiplexer design is achieved by pole-zero approximation and optimization.

FilSynth can essentially synthesize and analyze any type of passive radio frequency and microwave filter, including bandpass filters, bandstop filters, low pass filters and high pass filters. The transmission zeros can be located freely within the attenuation bands.

Users can achieve the same design by synthesis through the optimization task from pole-zero analysis response, or obtain the parameters of the unknown filter by curve-fitting from the measured frequency responses. Analysis function allows the designer to perform post analysis and prototype tuning and trouble shooting seamlessly.

FilSynth has a graphical user-friendly interface, including network analyzer-like response display, convenient zoom in/out function, marker function, circuit diagram view, etc. Power plot window helps designers analyze the power handling capability of the designed filter. FilSynth 2.0 includes a new convenient filter calculator function – FilCalc. Users can activate this function any time during the design to perform quick calculations.