LeCroy Corp., a supplier of oscilloscopes and serial data test solutions, announced that it has received a contract award from the US Navy to supply digital oscilloscopes to the US Navy’s Supply Systems Command. The contract has a Best Estimated Quantity (BEQ) of up to 200 WaveRunner oscilloscopes per year for five years. LeCroy’s WaveRunner 64Xi-A-N oscilloscopes passed stringent technical requirements as part of a competitive bid to qualify for US Navy acceptance.

“The versatility of the WaveRunner 64Xi-A-N and its advanced waveshape analysis capabilities enabled us to win this important contract,” said LeCroy President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Reslewic. “The WaveRunner covers a broad range of applications, making it ideal for use for the US Navy. The WaveRunner also has a highly intuitive interface, which makes it an easy-to-learn product and significantly reduces the time needed to get up to speed on the equipment. The Navy plans to use the WaveRunner to support in-field Naval applications, such as radar, communications and navigation, as well as for the calibration and repair of electronic equipment.”

The LeCroy WaveRunner 64Xi-A-N is the most powerful and capable scope available in its class and provides the greatest value for everyday characterization, validation and debugging advanced problems. The software architecture improvements also incorporate key elements of the X-Stream II architecture, which permit preview and abort capability, allowing the customer to have instant control of the oscilloscope without any delay.