Auriga Microwave announced it received its fourth Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) award.

The company starts a two-year contract with the Navy’s Naval Space Warfare Command (SPAWAR) to build a Shipboard LNA Assembly under SBIR N07-194. The award, part of the SBIR program, is one of four Phase II awards granted to Auriga since early 2009. Other Phase II projects include:

• NAVAIR: Solid-State High-Efficiency Radar Transmit Module

• NAVAIR: Wide Bandgap Amplifier Linearization

• Army CERDEC: High-Power Integrated RF Switches for JTRS

Auriga anticipates moving forward an additional Phase II contract in the next few months.

“The Auriga team works hard to understand the government’s technical and business needs. We use our design and manufacturing expertise to deliver a balanced solution that meets or exceeds their requirements,” said Yusuke Tajima, Auriga’s CTO. “The SBIR program has been instrumental to Auriga, allowing us to grow during these difficult economic times. The funding under this program supports a significant part of our research and development.”

Auriga expects to leverage the innovative technology developed under the SBIR program to move to Phase III and commercialize the products for field deployment and parallel sales opportunities.