Power Amplifier for CDMA Handsets

This RF power amplifier (RMPA0965) is optimized for CDMA2000-1X applications in the
824 to 849 frequency band. It has single positive-supply operation, low power and shutdown modes, and provides 40% CDMA mode efficiency at 28 dBm average power output. Its high/low power modes optimize battery talk-time and reduce current consumption during peak phone usage. The two-stage power amplifier is matched to 50 W (input and output) minimizing the need for external components. The high power-added efficiency (PAE) and linearity is due to a proprietary InGaP heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) process. Package size is 3 ¥ 3 mm.

Fairchild Semiconductor,
San Jose, CA
(408) 822-2279,

Phase-locked Frequency Synthesizers

These synthesizers are available in double-octave frequency ranges such as 100 to 200 and
200 to 400 MHz, up to 1000 MHz. They utilize external frequency references for high stability, and exhibit very low phase noise. They are ideally suited for use in systems such as SONET/SDH and A-D/D-A converter clocks. They can also be employed as second LO sources for digital radio transceivers, as well as in test instrument applications. They contain internal regulators, internal buffer amplifiers, and operate over the temperature range of –30° to +70°C. The HFS-series is housed in a surface-mount package measuring 1.25" ¥ 1.0" ¥ 0.24" and operates with power supply requirements of +5 V DC @ < 100 ma.

EM Research Inc.,
Reno, NV
(775) 345-2411,

Miniature Transceiver for GSM/GPRS Handsets

The AERO II transceiver is available in a 5 ¥ 5 mm, 32-pin micro leadframe package (MLP). Its design is based on a patented 0.13 micron CMOS process and contains sensitive components including RF and IF voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO), VCO tuning components, loop filters and clock coupling capacitors. Pricing is $4.94 ea. in quantities of 10,000. Samples are available as is a $250.00 evaluation board.

Silicon Laboratories Inc.,
Austin, TX
(512) 532-5756,

TCXO for WLAN Applications

SMD temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO) series NT3225 are available.
These are low profile devices measuring 3.2 ¥ 2.5 ¥ 1.2 mm. They cover the standard frequencies of 12.6, 13.0, 14.4, 19.2, 19.68, 19.8 and 26.0 MHz. Other frequencies are available upon request. Phase noise is –137 dBc/Hz (typ.) at 1 kHz offset. Supply voltage is +2.4 V DC ±0.1 V drawing a current of 1.5 mA max. with a load of 10 kW // 10pF. Frequency stability is ±2.5 ppm over an operating temperature of –30° to +85°C. The output voltage is 0.8 V (peak to peak) min. and the AFC characteristics are ±9 ±15 ppm at 1.5 V ±1V. Aging is ±1 ppm per year. Samples are available. Cost for a 10,000 piece 12.6 MHz tape and reel is $2.95 ea.

Belvidere, IL
(800) 635-9825,

Flip-chip SP4T GSM Antenna Switch

The PE4261 is a flip-chip SP4T RF antenna switch for dual-band GSM handset applications. This 50 W unit has two-pin CMOS logic control inputs. Insertion loss is 0.55 dB at 900 MHz and 0.65 dB at 1900 MHz. Isolation is 45 dB at 900 MHz and 40 dB at 1900 MHz. Harmonics are –85 dBc at 2fo and –72 dBc at 3fo at 35 dBm input power. ESD tolerance is 1500 V HBM at all ports. Included are a CMOS decoder/driver and Rx SAW over voltage protection circuit. It operates linearly from 100 to 3000 MHz at 2.6 V with fast switch settling time. Pricing for 10,000 pieces is $0.52 ea.

Peregrine Semiconductor,
San Diego, CA
(602) 750-7203,

Semicustom Thick Film Filter

A thick film, planar, surface mountable (drop in), low pass filter is available with a pass band
limit of 1200 MHz. Rejection at 2.5 GHz is –25 dB minimum and is maintained to 4.6 GHz. VSWR is 1.1 in the pass band and insertion loss is 0.5 dB. This is a seven section filter with 50 W input/output impedances. Size is 0.550" ¥ 0.440" ¥ 0.025", which makes it suitable for high density circuit configurations. Other custom frequencies are available.

International Manufacturing Services,
Portsmouth, RI
(401) 683-9700,

Single-band Receiver Front End for CDMA, JCDMA and CDMA450

The RF2861 front end amplifies and downconverts RF signals using a three-state LNA (17 dB of gain control) with an integrated single gain state high IIP3 mixer (8.5 dBm). The device also includes an optional Tx LO buffer amplifier and both LNA gain and power down modes are digitally controlled. An off-chip current setting resistor allows adjustable LNA and mixer IIP3 to minimize current consumption. In high gain mode, using a typical SAW filter, 25 dB cascaded gain can be achieved with 2.1 dB noise figure. Manufactured in a silicon germanium (SiGe) process, the RF2861 is offered in a 3 ¥ 3 mm QFN package with full ESD protection on all pins. Pricing is $1.88 ea. in quantities of 10,000 pieces. Samples and evaluation boards are available.

RF Micro Devices Inc.,
Greensboro, NC
(336) 664-1233,

Flange Mount Power Amplifier

The ECM 168 is a 1.9 GHz PAS/PHS high performance power amplifier module utilizing InGaP HBT process technology. Key features include 33.5 dBm output power, a single 10 V supply and 33 dB typical gain. No negative voltage is required and the efficiency is in excess of 20%. It is housed in a low cost, flange mount package measuring 29 ¥ 13 ¥ 4 mm. It can be used in wireless infrastructure where high linearity and high power is required.

WJ Communications,
San Jose, CA
(408) 577-6411,

Flat-pack Log Video Amplifier

The SLVAC-0102-70M-LA3 is a log video amplifier using hybrid MIC/MMIC technology with a frequency band of 120 to 200 MHz. It has a rise and fall time of 30 nanoseconds and a dynamic range of 70 dB. It has a low AM/PM conversion and a VSWR of 1.8. The package is a 10 lead flat-pack which is 0.805" ¥ 0.805" ¥ 0.125".

Planar Monolithics Industries,
Frederick, MD
(301) 662-4700,

High PAE Surface-mount Power Amplifier

The ECM070 is an InGaP/GaAs HBT amplifier with power added efficiency (PAE) of 44% at 28 dBm power output at 1950 MHz. It operates from a positive power supply of 3.2 to 4.2 V and draws 50 mA quiescent current requiring no bias switching. It is contained in a 4 ¥ 4 mm LGA package and both input and output are matched to 50 W.

EiC Corp.,
Fremont, CA
(510) 979-8953,

High Power GaAs Switches

SPDT mPG2027TQ and SP3T mPG2026TQ GaAs switches operate from 500 to 2000 MHz. Both switch types have isolations of 24/25 dB from 0.5 to 1.0 GHz and 18/18.5 dB between 1.0 to 2.0 GHz. They handle input powers up to +38 dBm. Insertion losses are 0.45/0.40 dB from 0.5 to 1.0 GHz and 0.6/0.5 from 1.0 to 2.0 GHz. The second harmonic of the SP3T is 73 dBc at 1 GHz, at a power of +33/35 dBm and the third harmonic is 73 dBc at 2 GHz for the same power input. The SPDT has harmonic values of 70 dBc for the same frequencies and power conditions. Both devices are supplied in small 10-pin TSON packages (2.55 ¥ 2.4 ¥ 0.6 mm, 0.4 mm pitch) to allow for high density surface mounting in mass production.

NEC Electronics GmbH,
Duesseldorf, Germany
+49 (0) 211 65031469,

SAW Filters for ISM

Saw filters based on the LCRF design principal are available for use at 433, 868 and 915 MHz. They are suited as front-end filters for Industrial, Scientific and Medical applications (IMS). Input power level is 25 dBm, insertion loss is less than 2.0 dB maximum and out-of-band attenuation reaches 60 dB. They are available in ceramic SMD packages 3.8 ¥ 3.8 ¥ 1.2 mm.

International Telefilter,
Teltow, Germany
+49 (0) 5353/910 95 32,

High Power Amplifier

Model 5037 is a broadband high power amplifier that produces 500 W, CW over an instantaneous frequency range of 200 to 1000 MHz. Harmonics are better than 30 dB below the fundamental. Overdrive circuitry protects the input up to levels of +13 dBm. The output has a setable level of high load VSWR protection. Built in test circuits allow monitoring of the unit to the module level.

Los Angeles, CA
(310) 306-5556,



The HMC264LC3B is a 21 to 31 GHz sub-harmonically pumped (¥2) MMIC mixer with an
integrated LO amplifier. The 2LO/RF isolation is 30 dB, eliminating the need for additional filtering. It operates from a single +3 or +4 V bias, and requires –4 to +4 dBm of LO drive. The RF and LO ports are DC blocked and matched to 50 W. The IF covers DC to 6 GHz.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA
(978) 250-3343,

Band Reject Filter

The 5BRX-2441/X78-SR is a hybrid band reject filter with bi-directional inputs. It features a 3 dB typical bandwidth of 220 MHz. The notch depth is 45 dB from 2402 to 2480 MHz. The VSWR is 2.0 from DC to 3500 MHz excluding the notch area. Size is 1.50" ¥ 0.80" ¥ 0.50" excluding the SMA female removable con-nectors.

Lorch Microwave,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 860-5100,

Flange Mount Drop-in Isolator

The L series isolator features up to 15% bandwidth in the 8.0 to 40.0 GHz range. It is of steel gold plated construction making it suitable for military and space applications. Isolation and return loss are ? 20 dB and insertion loss is < 0.4 dB. Size is 0.25" ¥ 0.50" ¥ 0.18".

Renaissance Electronics Corp.,
Harvard, MA
(978) 772-7774,

BWA/Wi-Fi Duplexers

A The WSD-00392 duplexer offers low insertion loss of 1.5 dB (1.0 dB typ.) over 22 MHz mini-
mum passbands, with center frequencies tuned to customer specifications in the range of 2300 to 2900 MHz and with a minimum 50 MHz center-to-center separation. Channel amplitude flatness is 1.0 dB p-p maximum, with channel return loss of 17.7 dB minimum. Rejection is 60 dB minimum 90 MHz from the center frequency, while minimum isolation of 60 dB is achieved from DC to 6000 MHz. Passband return loss is 15 dB minimum, while passband power handling is rated at 10 W CW and 200 W peak instantaneous. Size is 4.0" ¥ 4.2" ¥ 1.25" excluding SMA connectors. Operating temperature range is –20° to +70°C.

K&L Microwave Inc.,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-2424,

High Frequency/Broadband Isolator

The D3I1840 isolator covers the band 18.0 to 40.0 GHz instantaneously. Isolation is 10 dB
from 18 to 22 GHz and 12 dB from 22 to 40 GHz. Insertion loss is 2 dB maximum from 18 to 22 GHz and 1.5 dB max from 22 to 40 GHz. VSWR is 2.1 maximum from 18 to 22 GHz and 1.8 from 22 to 40 GHz. Power handling is 2 W average and 30 W peak. Operating temperature is 20° to 65°C. Size is 0.5" ¥ 0.7" ¥ 0.5". Price is $1300 ea.

DiTom Microwave Inc.,
Fresno, CA
(559) 255-7045,

Thin Film Attenuators for Wireless Applications

The PFC A1206 attenuator is made of stable TaN film material and is available in custom resistances. It features an attenuation range of 1 db up to 20 dB (typically from DC to 6 GHz). Impedance values are 50 W and absolute TCRs are ±100 ppm/°C. Size is 0.024" ¥ 0.063" ¥ 0.126". Typical pricing for this series of attenuator is $1.00 ea. In quantities of 5000 pieces.

International Resistive Co. (IRC),
Corpus Christi, TX
(361) 992-7900,

Ultra Miniature Combline Filter

SL-13105 is an ultra miniature combline filter centered at 13.105 GHz. It has a 0.5 dB flat passband of 12.78 to 13.43 GHz exhibiting an insertion loss of less than 1.6 dB. The VSWR is <1.5 and rejection is better than 60 dB DC to 8 GHz and 18 GHz and above. Size is 0.16" ¥ 0.61" ¥ 0.86".

Gaithersburg, MD
(301) 519-3660,


Broadband Medium Power Amplifier

MSH-6245501 is a broadband amplifier with typical gain of 17 dB and a gain flatness of ±1.0
dB providing 22 dBm maximum across 1 to 10 GHz frequency range. The noise figure is 5.5 dB maximum and IP3 is 31 dBm. VSWR in/out is 2.0. Biasing is +12 VDC at 290 mA. Size is 1.52" ¥ 1.62" ¥ 1.0". The construction is thin film, and the amplifier is unconditionally stable.

Microwave Solutions Inc.,
National City, CA
(619) 474-7500,

20 W Ka-band Power Amplifier

The MPC4-2531-6910 is a solid state power amplifier (SSPA) that covers the frequency range of 25 to 31 GHz. Power output (P1dB) is 20 W typical, linear gain is 25 dB maximum, AM-PM conversion is < 2.5° per dB (at 1.5 dB back-off), noise figure is 6 dB, input VSWR is 1.8, output VSWR is 2.8 and size is 8.5" ¥ 8.4" ¥ 4.125". Weight is < 9 lbs. It contains four waveguide-combined power modules and has a control and monitor processor within a forced air-cooled outdoor enclosure. It operates off a 120 V AC power supply.

Sophia Wireless Inc.,
Chantilly, VA
(703) 961-9573,

Linear Power Amplifier

The SKY65131 is a two-stage, HBT InGaP device optimized for linearity and power efficiency at 2.4 to 2.7 GHz. These features make the device suitable for wide-band digital applications such as WLAN. This unit operates from a single 3.3 V supply. It has internal matching and biasing circuits and also a shut down control. Linear output power is +28 dBm for the IEEE 802.11b mask, and +26 dBm for the IEEE 802.11 g mask. The device also meets spectral purity and power efficiency for the specified data rates of 802.11 b (11 Mbps) and 802.11 g (54 Mbps).

Skyworks Inc.,
Woburn, MA
(781) 376-3000,


Mini-directional Antenna for 2.4 GHz Wireless Applications

The model MD24-12 mini-directional antenna operates at a frequency of 2400 to 2483. Its gain is 12 dBi. Connection is through a type N female connector, and vertical or horizontal polarization is made through simple predetermined positioning of the mounting bracket. Size is 4" ¥ 4" ¥ 4", weight is 13.5 oz. and operating temperature is –40° to +70°C. Construction is a gray colored UV-resistant ABS plastic with an aluminum backplate. It includes a stainless steel mounting bracket capable of ±15° tilt adjustment. Pricing is $29.95 for 1 to 9 pcs., $25.46 for 100 or more.

Pacific Wireless,
Draper, UT
(801) 572-3024,

Embedded UAV Antennas

Embedded antennas provide an alternative to conventional blade antennas for UAV datalink, telemetry, and command and control applications. They can be integrated in UAV or aircraft structures. L-, S- and C-band antennas are available with omni-directional coverage in the azimuth plane. They are optimized for gain near the horizon. The L-band version operates over a frequency range of 1700 to 1900 MHz with a VSWR of 2.0 maximum, peak gain of +3 dBiL and occupies 8 square inches of surface area. Different versions are available for horizontal surfaces (wings) and vertical surfaces (stabilizers).

Chelton Microwave – Sensor and Antenna Systems,
Baltimore, MD
(410) 542-1700,


Chip Attenuators

Series 01311 chip attenuators are available in low cost designer kits for immediate shipment. These kits provide the designer with a selection of commonly used values for application in product development and tuning. The fused silica attenuators measure 0.08" ¥ 0.10" ¥ 0.01" and feature excellent RF performance. The standard kit includes 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 15 and 20 dB values. Other values can be substituted.

Ion Beam Milling Inc.,
Manchester, NH
(603) 644-2326,

Zero Ohm Chip Resistor

The MIL-PRF-32159 Zero Ohm chip resistor is available at three product levels. Space level
T (including 100% burn-in), established reliability product level M and industrial level C military grade jumpers are available in 13 case sizes with solderable, wirebondable and epoxy bondable termination finishes. These are identical to the MIL approved MIL-PRF-32159 product. Pricing is $1.00 in production quantities.

State College, PA

High Power RF Transistors

The PTFA211001E is a single ended 100 W power transistor based on laterally diffused metal-oxide semiconductor die technology (LDMOS). This is a 2.1 GHz device which in two-carrier WCDMA 3GPP mode produces an average output of 22 W and 16.5 dB gain with 30% efficiency. It has a bandwidth of several hundred MHz, third-order intermodulation distortion (IM3) of –37 dBc and a thermal resistance of 0.38°C/W. These GOLDMOS“ samples are available.

Infineon Technologies AG,
Munich, Germany
+49 89 234 2593,


Precision LTCC Resistors

The series 82 is a post-fired thick film resistor paste which allows high resolution in microwave circuits. As-fired resistivity tolerances are ±10%. Resistor values range from 10 W/sq to 100 kW/sq, with temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) of < ±200 ppm/°C for 10 W/sq ink and TCR of < ±100 ppm/°C for 100 W/sq ink. The paste has low dependance of resistivity and TCR on peak firing temperature and resistor size.

Ferro Electronic Material Systems,
Cleveland, OH
(760) 305-1008.


Metal Matrix Composite

AlSiC (aluminum silicon carbide) is a metal matrix that provides a highly reliable and cost-effective solution for the housing, interconnection and thermal management of microelectronic, optoelectronic and power electronic devices. It enables a tailored coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) offering compatibility with various electronic devices and assemblies. The isotropic CTE value of AlSiC can be adjusted for specific applications by modifying the Al-metal/SiC-particulate ratio. AlSiC’s CTE matching capabilities eliminate the need for thermal interface stacking, increasing reliability in the field. AlSiC also exhibits a high thermal conductivity that results in efficient thermal dissipation, which prevents the bowing and flexing of packaging and substrate material.

CPS Corp.,
Chartley, MA
(508) 222-0614,

Low Cost LMDOS Packages

This is a line of brazed copper laminate LMDOS packages for use with ceramic RF power transistors. They are lower cost and achieve improved performance in qjc when compared to CuW heatsinks. They have a high flange thermal dissipation utilizing the robust brazed assembly process. This configuration does not require a change from the AuSi die attach process.

San Diego, CA
(858) 576-2793,


Coaxial Resonator VCO for Broadband Radio Equipment

The CRO2645A uses coaxial resonator technology to achieve good microphonic performance. It operates at 2615 to 2675 MHz covering the 60 MHz band with an average tuning sensitivity of 23 MHz/V (0.5 to 4.5 V of tuning). Spectral signal purity is –79 and –109 dBc/Hz at 1 and 10 kHz, respectively. It operates with an applied voltage of 5 V DC drawing 19 mA of current. Output power into a 50 W is 3 ±2 dBm. Second harmonic suppression is better than 15 dBc, pushing is less than 1 MHz within 5% of the nominal supply voltage and pulling is less than 1 MHz with a 14 dB return loss, any phase. Size is a standard 0.50" ¥ 0.50" ¥ 0.22". It is available on tape and reel.

Z-Communications Inc.,
San Diego, CA
(858) 621-2700,

High Performance
Voltage-controlled Oscillators

The CVCO55BE VCO generates frequencies from 2.974 to 3.274 GHz with a control voltage
range of 0.5 to 4.5 V DC. Phase noise is –70 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz offset, –98 dBc/Hz at10 kHz offset, –120 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset and –155 dBc/Hz at 10 MHz offset. Biasing required is 5 V DC at 17 mA. Output power into a 50 W load is 5 ±3 dBm. Second harmonic suppression is better than –20 dBc while supply pushing is 1.5 MHz/V max. Operating temperature range is –40° to +85°C. Size is a standard 0.5" ¥ 0.5" SMDO package. Pricing is $12.95 ea. in 1000 piece quantities.

Crystek Crystals Corp.,
Ft. Myers, FL
(239) 561-1025,

Multi-function Source Assembly

The MFS127 is is a dual frequency source featuring RF and DC enabled outputs with low phase noise. It operates at frequencies of 1020 and 5100 MHz. The frequency stability is ±25 ppm, RF enabled speed of the 1020 MHz port is 1 microsecond with an off isolation of 90 dB. Spurious products are –70 dBc and harmonics are –35 dBc maximum. Operating temperature is –45° to +85°C. Size is 4" ¥ 2" ¥ 1". Weight is 16 oz.

TRAK Microwave Corp.,
Tampa, FL
(813) 901-7200,


24 to 34 GHz GaAs MMIC Receiver

The 29RECO239 receiver is a gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) sub-harmonic receiver which includes a three-stage balanced LNA followed by an image reject sub-harmonic anti-parallel diode mixer and integrated LO buffer amplifier. The design uses 0.15 mm gate GaAs, pHEMPT technology and covers 24 to 34 GHz. It has a +2 dBm LO drive level at half the internal LO frequency. The receiver has a noise figure of 3 dBm and 15 dB image rejection across the band. It can be used in millimeter-wave point-to-point radio, local multipoint distribution services (LMDS) and SATCOM.

MIMIX Broadband Inc.,
Houston, TX
(281) 988-4615,

VME X-band
Up and Down Converter

This is a block up/down converter converting L-band frequencies of 1100 to 1600 MHz to X-band frequencies of 7.25 to 7.75 GHz. Phase noise is –80 dBc at 1 kHz and –95 dBc at 10 kHz. Noise figure is 15 dB max., conversion gain is 30 dB (down) and 20 dB (up). Gain flatness is ±1 dB over the frequency band. In/out VSWR is 15 dB min. Connectors are SMA (F) and DIN 41612 Type M for the serial data interface. Operating temperature is –32° to +80°C.

Tampa Microwave,
Tampa, FL
(813) 855-2251,

Canbus-based 26.5 GHz
Switch Matrix

This is a 1 ¥ 48 CANbus-based coaxial switch matrix system with Ethernet, GPIB, RS-232, RS-485 and CANbus control interfaces. The operating bandwidth is DC to 26.5 GHz. VSWR is 2.0. Insertion loss is 3 dB max. Isolation is 50 dB min. Connectors are SMA. Switching speed is 60 ms. Each unit is equipped with an LCD front panel display and keypad for manual override, and is housed in a low profile 4U rack mountable chassis.

Dow-Key Microwave Corp.,
Ventura, CA
(805) 650-0260,

Fast Switching Synthesizer

The 2200 family of frequency synthesizers includes over 30 models covering the range of 10 MHz to 18.4 GHz. Standard resolution is 1.0 Hz and switching time is 1 ms typical. The units are housed in a full 3U rack chassis with front panel keyboard for manual control, GPIB and parallel binary coded decimal (BCD) interface for remote programming. The modular architecture and iterative frequency models allow for custom applications. Two standard modules make up a 10 MHz to 2.3 GHz, 100 MHz resolution synthesizer. For finer resolution and/or wider frequency coverage other standard modules can be added. MTBF is 12,000 hours. Base price for a 2 GHz system is below $70,000 (US).

Aeroflex Inc.,
Plainview, NY
(516) 694-6700,

Test Equipment

High Speed Spectrum Analyzer

The U3751 spectrum analyzer measure frequencies of 9 kHz to 8 GHz at twice the speed of its predecessor. This is achieved by speeding up the calculation of power consumption averages and the measurement of the occupied frequency band, both of which are essential to wave analysis. The instrument is usable both in the laboratory and the field. Its removable battery allows for 2.5 hours of continuous operation and can be used within five minutes of powering up. Overall accuracy is ±0.8 dB (10 MHz to 3 GHz) and ±1.0 dB (3 to 8 GHz). Bandwidth resolution is 300 Hz to 3 MHz. Signal purity is –85 dBc/Hz (at 10 kHz offset). Maximum input level is +30 dBm. Average display noise is –118 dBm max. (preamp. off), –133 dBm max. (preamp. on).

Advantest Corp.,
Tokyo, Japan
+81 3 3214 7500,