Harris Corp., an international communications and information technology company, has acquired the technology assets of OSI Geospatial Inc.'s land-based, situational awareness business. These technologies will enhance the company's capabilities in delivering assured communications systems and applications for defense and public safety customers.

With this acquisition, Harris gains advanced software for capturing, viewing and disseminating critical strategic and tactical information to domestic and international defense and public safety customers. The situational awareness software provides commanders and team members in the field with real-time information, such as the location of deployed personnel. These applications are capable of being embedded into both tactical and public safety radios, as well as electronic devices such as laptop computers. As part of the transaction, Harris is hiring the nine employees who engineered the land-based, situational awareness system technology.

"We are acquiring new capabilities, technologies and a talented, experienced team. Together, they will provide our defense and public safety customers with enhanced situational awareness, leading to improved mission planning, decision-making and overall safer operations," said Dana Mehnert, Group President, Harris RF Communications.