Microwave & RF Components and Subsystems

This Web site features the Weinschel division’s components and subsystems. It is updated often and offers a complete library of downloaded data sheets for a wide variety of RF and microwave components and subsystems. New items include on-line quote forms, keyword search, expanded information on subsystem capabilities and easy to use drop-down menus allowing the location of the desired products.

Aeroflex/Weinschel Inc.,
5305 Spectrum Drive,
Frederick, MD 21703–7362

DC to 40 GHz Solid State Control Components

This Web site describes the company’s offerings in the standard product line as well as its history and future goals. The products include microwave solid-state switches, electronically variable attenuators (AGH and AGT technologies), detector log video amplifiers, bias tees and integrated assemblies.

American Microwave Corp.,
7311–G Grove Road,
Frederick, MD 21704

Ceramic Materials and Packages for RF and Microwave

AdTech Ceramics is a domestic supplier of multiplayer co-fired electronic packages, including AlN and HTCC applications. The Web site contains a company profile, including design and engineering capabilities, materials expertise, available products, and area rep and contact information. A detailed, downloadable design guide is also available.

Advanced Technical Ceramics Inc.,
511 Manufacturers Road,
Chattanooga, TN 37405

Microwave Components and Subsystems

The general Web site describes the company as a whole and allows detailed browsing through its various divisions worldwide. The products covered are microwave components including attenuators, modulators, oscillators, synthesizers, phase shifters, power amplifiers, switches and subsystems from RF to millimeter-wave frequency ranges. 

Herley Industries
101 North Pointe Blvd.,
Lancaster, PA 17601

RF Product Search

The company’s comprehensive portfolio of RF products, including cables, connectors, adaptors, lightning protectors and resistive components can now be easily accessed via a new on-line product search engine. By using product attributes as search criteria it scans the database in seconds and automatically provides matches based on user selections. Instant access is available as no registration is required.

Huber+Suhner AG,
CH–9100, Herisau, Switzerland

MMIC Products

This Web site features an expanded product line, increased access to company information and includes a search engine and drop-down menus for simplified navigation. It contains the company’s gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) products and includes the full line of standard product data sheets in .pdf format, application notes, white papers and reference designs. Users can request product samples and purchase information.

MIMIX Broadband Inc.,
10795 Rockley Rd., Houston, TX 77099

RF, Microwave and Optical Components

This Web site describes the many types of products and services for RF, microwave and optical frequencies available. The products are geared to optical and microwave communications applications. Standard products include oscillators (VCOs and DROs), phase shifters, frequency doublers, bias tees, filters and receivers (optical). Data sheets can be downloaded for the standard items while design services are available for custom requirements.

Milli Optics Inc.,
3391 Route 27, Franklin Park, NJ 08823

MMIC and MIC Amplifiers

This Web site lists many standard amplifiers in the following families: narrow band (low noise), octave band (low noise), broadband (low noise), ultra-broadband, special function, high power (? 0.5 W), narrow band (medium power), octave band (medium power), broadband (medium power), variable gain and integrated hybrid. Custom design and research and development projects are also undertaken.

Planar Electronics Technology Inc.,
5715 Industry Lane,
Frederick, MD 21704

Specialty Filters and Switch Filter Banks

This site contains details of many types of filters from DC to 40 GHz. Design types are cavity, combline and interdigital. Items found on the site are quick turn filters (30–60 day deliveries), standard filter housing drawings, switch filter bank data sheets and test reports, as well as filter data sheets and test reports.

Planar Filter Co.,
5715 Industry Lane,
Frederick, MD 21704

Modular Digitally Tuned RF Filters and Preselectors

This Web site contains an extensive library of tunable filter subsystems as well as data on a DR™ controller and limiter/LNA. The families of filters are the Micro-Pole™ series, the Mini-Pole® series, the Maxi-Pole® series, the Power-Pole“ series, the Track-Pole™ series and the MAXI/4R™ series. The types of filters and their applications are included.

Pole/Zero Corp.,
5530 Union Center Drive,
West Chester, OH 45069

MIC/MMIC-based Microwave Components and Subsystems

This Web site contains an extensive array of hybrid microwave monolithic circuit (HMMIC)-based components and subsystems. Amplifiers (low noise, power, log, buffer), detectors, attenuators, frequency and polar discriminators, frequency synthesizers, receiver front ends, ECL/TTL and TTL/ECL converters, mixers (image reject and balanced), I/Q vector modulators, limiters, monopulse comparators, phase shifters, power dividers as well as other standard and specialty subsystems are featured.

Planar Monolithics Industries Inc.,
7311-G Grove Rd.,
Frederick, MD 21704

Test Probe Quotes

This Web site has been updated to include a facility for requesting quotes for the company’s Z probes on-line. The order form can be found under www.suss.com/hfprobing. This page provides information about the range of SUSS test equipment for high frequency applications and offers the possibility to download brochures as well as jump to other areas of interest such as a page dedicated to SussCal calibration software.

SUSS MicroTec Test Systems GmbH,
Suss Strasse 1, 01561 Sacka, Germany

RF and Microwave Connectors

This newly re-designed Web site has enhanced capabilities. This allows the user to search an extensive library of connectors by part number or connector type. Specifications, photos, pricing and stock levels are available. The types include BNC, C, HN, LC, MHV, N, SC, SHV, SMA, TNC, UHF, 7/16 and adapters for between series.

San-Tron Inc.,
4 Newburyport Turnpike,
Ipswich, MA 01938

RF & Microwave Components and Systems

This Web site highlights the products and services available from the new Spectrum Microwave. Complete details, specs and datasheets are on the site for the company’s three groups – integrated microwave systems, filter and antenna products, and amplifier, mixer and oscillator products. These are proven designs for low cost commercial applications as well as high performance military requirements.

Spectrum Microwave Inc.,
6798 Oak Hall Lane,
Columbia, MD 21045

Solid-state Power Amplifiers

This Web site highlights the next generation solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) technology that enables emerging SATCOM mobility markets. This SSPA product line utilizes innovative miniaturization techniques to produce the highest output power in small, lightweight configurations. New product development to be released next year includes transceivers covering the Q-band to E-band, each designed to offer an enabling solution to the RF system integrator.

Sophia Wireless Inc.,
14225-C Sullyfield Circle,
Chantilly, VA 20151

Microwave and Millimeter-wave Packages

This redesigned Web site features complete product information of microwave and millimeter-wave packages that operate from DC to 50+ GHz, stripline filters and assembly and test services. The new site is a powerful tool for researching, locating and specifying products. Datasheets, design guides, application notes and photos are available for all package accessories, including lids and test fixtures.

StratEdge Inc.,
4393 Viewridge Avenue,
San Diego, CA 92123

Cable Installation Videos

On-line instructional videos are available at this Web site covering LMR® EZ connectors and LMR® accessories, including ground kits, weatherproofing kits, hangers and supports for the LMR® wireless products line. The videos, which provide a foolproof way to install the LMR® connectors and accessories, can be viewed either directly online or downloaded for viewing at a later time. 

Times Microwave Systems,
358 Hall Ave., Wallingford, CT 06492

Components and Subsystems

This redesigned and updated Web site provides comprehensive information on the company’s latest initiatives for the electronics and communications market. Solutions in the SATCOM field, particularly converters and other subsystems are highlighted. Standard and state-of-the-art MMIC VCOs are featured, together with information on the company’s offering of customized VCOs to meet specific customer needs.

WORK Microwave GmbH,
Raiffeisenstrasse 12, D-83607
Holzkirchen, Germany