Analog Devices Inc. (ADI), a leader in data-conversion technology for signal processing applications, expanded its low power data converter portfolio with 26 analog-to-digital converters (ADC) for effective high performance, power-efficient communications, portable device, instrumentation and health care applications.

The offering includes three data converter technology industry firsts for 16-bit ADCs:

• ADI’s AD9269, the industry’s first 16-bit 80MSPS low-power, dual ADC with quadrature-error correction (QEC)

• ADI’s AD9265, the industry’s first single-channel, 16-bit low-power ADC spanning 80 to 125 MSPS (megasamples per second)

• ADI’s AD9266, the industry’s smallest, single-channel 16-bit low-power ADC spanning 20 to 80 MSPS.

These new ADC products provide designers a flexible, future-proof platform to differentiate their systems without changing the core design by migrating either resolution or bandwidth support by means of space efficient pin compatible families. In addition, the new ADCs’ energy efficiencies provide significant power consumption improvement without impacting system-level performance.

In addition to the AD9269, AD9265 and AD9266 flagship converters and their various speed grades, ADI introduced 23 single-channel low-power ADCs, bringing the number of low power data converters ADI has brought to market in the last 180 days to 44. The power consumption savings across these ADCs is as high as 87 percent compared to equivalent competitive offerings operating comparable ADC functions.