Amplifiers, Oscillators and Government Electronics

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MWJ October Puzzler

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2 The frequency interval from 1 to 2 GHz (hyphenated)
4 802.16e (2 words)
8 The matching of the modulation, coding and other signal and protocol parameters to the conditions on the radio link (2 words)
11 The level of signal below which a receiver cannot detect a signal due to the noise generated within the receiver (2 words)
14 National Telecommunications and Information Administration
16 Adjacent-channel leakage ratio
18 YIG (3 words)
19 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
20 Linearization technique to remove unwanted nonlinear effects by correcting them after they occur (2 words)


1 GPS (3 words)
3 1/ƒ noise (2 words)
5 Oven controlled crystal oscillator
6 Wireless middle mile solution that is typically cost effective for rural area coverage (2 words)
7 Linearization technique to remove unwanted nonlinear effects by adjusting the input signal to remove them
9 A circuit or component that allows a communications system to simultaneously transmit and receive signals through a common component, such as an antenna
10 A measure of the random phase instability of a signal (2 words)
12 The final leg of delivering connectivity from a communications provider to a customer (2 words)
13 Rural Utilities Service
15 The backhaul portion of the network that carries the traffic to the network core (2 words)
17 Traffic Collision and Avoidance System


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