Infineon Technologies AG introduced an industry first series of dual integrated LDMOS power amplifiers for wireless network base stations. Incorporating two LDMOS amplifiers in a single package, the new devices provide two output power stages, making them ideal for Doherty-based amplifiers and for compact designs that benefit from reduced board space.

Two of the new devices operate in the 1800 to 2200 MHz frequency range for WCDMA, LTE and TD-SCDMA applications, with output power of either 30 or 40 W. The third device operates in the 700 to 1000 MHz for WCDMA, LTE and GSM/EDGE applications, with output power of 30 W.

The dual amplifiers are particularly well-suited for Doherty-based designs, which employ separate main and peak power amplifiers to deliver the performance required for 3G and 4G systems. By enabling a reduced footprint for cellular base station amplifiers, the new dual LDMOS integrated amplifiers help address industry requirements for multi-carrier operation from a cell site. Multi-carrier and multi-band amplifier designs are also supported by wide RF (radio frequency) modulation bandwidth.

"Compact power amplifier designs with higher efficiency and lower power consumption are key for base station manufacturers to meet the demands for green infrastructure solutions,” said Helmut Vogler, VP and General Manager of RF Power, Infineon Technologies AG. “Our new integrated power amplifiers support innovative amplifier designs that achieve goals both for reduced power consumption and small footprints."