OEwaves Inc. offers an ultra-low phase noise measurement system for measuring noise and jitter of microwave oscillators up to 40 GHz. This simple, turn key system is capable of measuring an absolute phase noise floor of -174 dBc/Hz, without requiring any low phase noise reference oscillator or down-converter. The unique high performance design is based on a patented photonic cross-correlation homodyne detection.

Developed to provide a cost competitive, simple, ultra-low phase noise measurement system meeting requirements of military and civilian microwave and millimeter-wave oscillators and amplifiers, it operates with ease, speed and precision, and a simple graphic user interface via a notebook PC, without requiring any additional test equipment. The measurement system is available in a variety of configurations and options, including various performance levels, extended input frequency and offset frequency ranges, two-port residual phase noise, RMS/P-P jitter, AM noise and limited pulse CW, among others.

"The new low phase noise measurement product is a complete system controlled by an optional PC via USB interface," said David Seidel, VP of Product Development at OEwaves Inc. "It offers high flexibility and cost advantage while delivering superior performance with ease of use, significantly reducing setup and measurement time."

The demand for higher performance and lower cost ultra-low phase noise measurement system extends beyond high end defense and government laboratory test and measurement requirements. OEwaves’ new low phase noise measurement system offers simple and fast operation suitable for high frequency products manufacturing where low phase noise/jitter testing are required.