Analytical Graphics Inc. (AGI), a producer of commercial off-the-shelf software for integrated analysis of space, defense and intelligence assets, announced its new partnership with Remcom, a provider of electromagnetic simulation software products. AGI is extending its STK/Communications software with Remcom’s rapid urban propagation models. The combination will model how mobile ad-hoc network performance influences net-centric intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operations in urban terrain. Release is scheduled for fall 2009.

Remcom’s real-time propagation models produce higher-fidelity results than empirical techniques, but at greatly reduced computation times compared to full physics-based models. Integrating this technology with AGI’s analytic models of motion and orientation of land, air and space nodes; complex antenna patterns and pointing; ISR sensors; and jamming environments provides a broad operational perspective for design, test and operations of tactical mobile communications, net-centric ISR architectures and urban tactics.

“We are thrilled that Remcom’s technology will provide this added value to our users in the defense and intelligence communities who need to know when they might lose communications,” said Peter Aves, AGI Director of Partners & Alliances.

“AGI’s STK/Communications software and Remcom’s Wireless InSite Real-Time is a powerful combination, embedding our high speed urban propagation simulations within a world-class mission planning tool,” said Gregory Skidmore, Remcom Director of Propagation Software. "The Remcom team is very enthusiastic about this collaborative endeavor with AGI.”