AWR, a leader in high frequency electronic design automation (EDA), and the James Cook University (JCU) School of Engineering & Physical Sciences, announced that a comprehensive RF and microwave electronic engineering course developed by Associate Professor Keith Kikkert is now available free of charge to other universities worldwide. The course, which is based on AWR’s Microwave Office and Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) design software, can be downloaded by qualified universities at the AWR website.

Under terms of the agreement, AWR will distribute Associate Professor Kikkert’s Microwave Office-based course materials to electrical engineering programs worldwide, and Associate Professor Kikkert will keep the course material current as new versions of Microwave Office and VSS software are released.

“My students and I have found AWR’s software tools to be very powerful, and they provide us with an excellent teaching experience and the students with a very easy learning curve in high frequency electronic design,” said Associate Professor Kikkert. “At JCU, we are now extending AWR’s use for teaching electronics at other levels as well as in teaching network theory. I am also pleased that through this agreement I will be able to extend the reach of my course material to engineering students at other universities. I believe this is a positive step toward ensuring that the next generation of designers will be well prepared to meet the challenges of the commercial job market.”

Sherry Hess, AWR’s Vice President of Marketing, said that “with a few hundred institutions already embracing AWR software for educational purposes, AWR remains more committed now than ever to supporting education through our University Software Program that provides easy access to our software for classroom education and non-commercial research. Our goal is to introduce more students to the benefits of using our software, as most high frequency electronic design today is performed with EDA tools such as Microwave Office software.”