Agilent Technologies Inc. announced LTE Receiver Measurements as a software upgrade to its proven drive test platform, protecting customers' previous investments in receiver hardware and offering multiple tests that accelerate deployment of LTE networks.

Network equipment manufacturers and wireless service providers can use the software on Agilent receivers to quickly verify base station RF coverage, plot accurate coverage maps and validate planning, all of which speeds the deployment of LTE networks. The Agilent platform offers the most practical and least costly option for initial field testing, and reduces the need for a large number of far more expensive "rack-and-stack" test phones. The LTE drive test system is one of many Agilent "Measurement Solutions for a Mobile World" that it will demonstrate at Stand D45, Hall 1, at Mobile World Congress.

Since the Agilent drive test platform already supports all major established wireless technologies, a receiver with the software enhancement will not only measure LTE - P-SCH, S-SCH RSSI and LTE Cell-ID - but also provide simultaneous coverage of older 2G and 3G networks. Although LTE is the first truly global standard, it will co-exist with the earlier networks, and the enhanced platform enables simultaneous measurements of LTE and the existing technologies. An Agilent receiver can measure up to eight frequency bands - far more than competitive products - which eliminates the need to carry additional receivers into the field. The platform is the most flexible solution of its kind.

"Agilent receivers are an example of our company's general strategy of developing hardware that can be enhanced with software as network technologies evolve," said Todd Biddle, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Network Solutions Division. "This strategy cuts our customers' capital investments over the long term and, in the case of LTE receiver measurements, it enables current owners of Agilent receivers to integrate LTE testing with tests of existing networks. This integration is a compelling reason to choose Agilent."