Centro de Tecnología de las Comunicaciones, SA (CETECOM), Spain, has enhanced its accredited testing service range for the mobile communications industry. The company has been granted ISO 17025 accreditation for testing of 3G technologies, enabling it to offer conformance testing services for 2G/2.5G and 3G technologies, covering RF, protocol, SIM/USIM and audio capabilities. In the process completing the range of type approval test services offered by CETECOM Spain and providing mobile phone manufacturers with one of the most competitive test services bundle available in the market.

The company's 3G conformance testing capabilities are based on the well-known MINT systems, which it developed and validated according to Global Certification Forum (GCF) requirements. The ISO 17025 accreditation scope upgrade also includes the capabilities provided by the Aeroflex 6103 AIME-CT and Aeroflex 6103 AMR-CT for GSM/AMR/GPRS/EDGE conformance protocol testers.

This powerful protocol tester is the ideal partner for the MINT RF tester, providing CETECOM Spain with almost complete capabilities in terms of GCF certification for 2G/2.5G terminals. Furthermore, the updated ISO 17025 accreditation scope enables the company to provide mobile phone manufacturers with a one-stop testing center.