M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc., an industry leader in commercial, industrial and government markets, specializing in RF, microwave and millimeter-wave component and technology solutions, announces several families of high-performance components aimed at point-to-point microwave radio block diagrams.

These new products include families of Power Amplifiers, Voltage-controlled Oscillators and Driver Amplifiers, as well as a broadband Voltage Variable Attenuator, all of which are on display during the European Microwave Week show, 27th-31st October, 2008. The complete range and capabilities of each line and the Voltage Variable Attenuator will also be unveiled during the show in Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Joe Thomas, president of M/A-COM Tech, said, "Consumers’ growing appetite for wireless data is forcing providers to look for better, more efficient ways to backhaul this information. Our Point-to-Point product line enables superior performance for a wide range of microwave radios. Our broad product portfolio positions M/A-COM Tech as the destination for companies looking for high-performance microwave and RF radio products.”