Entropic Communications Inc., a provider of silicon solutions to enable connected home entertainment, announced that it is providing golden nodes to National Technical Systems (NTS) for certification testing of the Multimedia over Coax Alliance’s newest specification extension, MoCA 1.1. Entropic’s EN2210/EN1010 silicon received golden node certification by the board of directors of MoCA earlier this month.

Entropic’s EN2210/EN1010 chipsets embedded in Ethernet-to-Coax bridges have been approved for use as golden nodes for MoCA 1.1 certification testing. Golden Nodes represent a superset of MoCA 1.1 nodes and will be used to certify the next generation of MoCA compliant devices. Entropic was actively engaged with MoCA’s Certification Working Group to help define the advanced features of MoCA 1.1 and is proud to further the development of the standard.

“We are proud to leverage our advanced home networking chips to ensure future products are high performing and backward compatible,” said John Graham, vice president of marketing at Entropic Communications. “We look forward to working with our OEM partners to bring products with MoCA 1.1 functionality to market."

MoCA 1.1 was defined to address the evolving needs of operators for more bandwidth, more device support and guaranteed quality of service. Entropic’s EN2210 is the first MoCA 1.1 solution delivering up to 175 Mbps throughput, 16 node support and parameterized quality of service (PQoS) and with the intrinsic security of a shielded, wired connection combined with state-of-the-art packet-level encryption. These vital components are designed to easily and cost-effectively distribute multiple streams of HD quality entertainment throughout the connected home of today and tomorrow.

MoCA golden nodes will be released to MoCA members under a licensing agreement with Entropic for product certification testing at NTS.