Nujira has opened a Centre of Excellence for efficient RF transmitter design in cellular and broadcast applications based on its Coolteq™ modules. The centre, located near Bath, UK, is led by Simon Whittle, who has more than 25 years experience of base station and high performance transmitter development. He will be supported by a team of specialist engineers offering RF systems, RF power amplifier, DSP and FPGA design skills.

In particular, the centre’s location was chosen because there is a pool of RF systems, digital pre-distortion and digital/analog IC design expertise in the Bath/Bristol area, which the new office will aim to harness to help the company’s customers bring to market the most efficient possible RF transmitter design achievable within their project parameters.

“Improving the efficiency of RF transmission is seen as critical by mobile networks and broadcasters alike, as they seek to manage their operating costs going forward as well as to achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility goals,” said Tim Haynes, CEO, Nujira. “Simon Whittle and his team are available to work with customers on a consultancy basis to address project-specific design challenges.”