Andrew, the CommScope Inc. division that is a leader in communications products and systems, has introduced HELIAX® 2.0, a complete cable and connector family for wireless networks, which offers operators and OEMs new RF transmission line options under a trusted brand.

Andrew is the first transmission line supplier to offer customers a complete solution for their RF transmission line needs, consisting of two complete cable lines with one connector series that fits either. Both cable types are available as feeders in a complete range of diameters or as cable assemblies.

Unique to Andrew’s HELIAX 2.0 is the company’s offering of a single, multi-faceted connector, the EZfit® Series universal connector, for two prominent products—HELIAX FXL Series aluminum cables and HELIAX AVA Series copper cables. Both cables have proven track records in helping limit intermodulation distortion (IMD), the unwanted noise that weakens a radio network’s performance, and meet different customer application needs. With one connector that works on both cables, customers can avoid inventory confusion and deployment delays.

“Whether our customers are in mature or emerging markets, deploying second, third or next generation technologies, HELIAX 2.0 offers the superior performance and reliability needed for transmitting wireless signals without disruption,” said Stan Catey, group vice president, Cable Products and Towers, Andrew. “When operators deploy multiple technologies on a co-located site, minimizing IMD is more critical than ever.”

HELIAX 2.0 joins FXL Series aluminum cables, which are lower-weight and more durable, with AVA Series copper cables, the more flexible line ideal for tight installations. The new complete cable family delivers lower attenuation in addition to adding less weight to already overloaded cell towers. “An increasing number of national and international operators are integrating aluminum cables into their networks with great success,” added Catey.

The introduction of HELIAX 2.0 follows CommScope’s acquisition of Andrew in late 2007. Andrew first launched HELIAX in 1953, which ultimately became an industry standard for RF transmission lines in the broadcast, radar, satellite communications and wireless industries. CommScope first introduced FXL cables in 2001 as a cost-effective alternative to traditional copper lines. Today, Andrew manufactures and ships HELIAX 2.0 cables from facilities around the globe.

“HELIAX 2.0 allows customers to select the optimum solution for each application without having to increase inventory levels, suffer increased IMD or lose in reliability,” said Catey.

The HELIAX 2.0 cable and connector solution is available now.