Last June I spent a week and a half in Europe visiting Sweden, England and Italy. Bill Bazzy and I started the trip together; however, except for two days in Sweden and a day in Rome we went our separate ways.


In Sweden I spent a good deal of time with our friends at Magnetic AB. We had some lengthy discussions on the Swedish electronics industry with Bill Aberg and Bengt Dahlman, president and executive vice president respectively of Magnetic AB.

Magnetic is a relatively small company, employing less than 100 persons in the manufacture and sale of micro- wave components and instruments. Included among its proprietary items are high power terminations, high power attenuators, power measuring devices, spectrum analyzers, noise measuring devices and signal generators.

Its instruments and components are marketed all over the World. In many respects the firm is similar to the small microwave manufacturers in the United States.

Magnetic claims to have developed the first commercially available automatic noise figure meter in the world and exports noise figure meters all over the world except to the U.S., where it has a license agreement with the Hewlett-Packard Co. It acts as consultant on noise figure measurements and radar performance measurements to many of the big radar manufactures and operators in Europe, and also does theoretical and experimental work on echo distortion in microwave links. At present most of its engineers are engaged in the design of what it believes to be the world’s most complete system for remote control and check-out of heavy radar Systems.


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