For those who want a change from technical meetings occupied with graduate student excercises and slides full of equations, there is the Allerton Antenna Applications Syposium.

This is a brief report on the most recent, held September 20-22, 1978 at Robert Allerton park, about 25 miles west of Champaign-Urbana, Illlinois. These meetings, which emphasize the practical applications side of antennas, were started in 1950 by Ed Jordan and Walt Portune, representing the dual sponsorship of University of Illinois and AFAL at Wright Field.

The annual meetings, held in the fall, continued through 1973 when re-organization at AFAL disersed antenna activities. After an interregnum of several years, this symposium was re-established in 1977 under University of Illinois sponsorship. Thus the recent meeting, ably organized by Paul Mayes and colleagues, was the second in this new series.

Allerton is not only a place to have relaxed discussions with technical friends (there are few distractions available), but offers a most welcome chance to spend some hours on the trails getting recharged.


Antenna Hardware at Allerton
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