San-tron has announced the release of a new 7/16 panel receptacle that consistently delivers intermodulation levels of -175 dBc.

This receptacle is especially suited for up-link communications. It ensures high grade transmission by delivering VSWR < 1.03 (PCS) and PIM of -175 dBc. It is weather sealed and is delivered with an enhanced 0.232 interface that results in improved mating characteristics and reduction of mating torque. In addition to improved on/off mating, the enhanced 0.232 interface also offers higher signal integrity and therefore protection of communications equipment.

The body, insulator and center contact are all one-piece constructions. With all machining completed as a primary operation on state-of-the-art CNC equipment, extraneous variation is not introduced into the final product. Thus, consistently low VSWR and PIM performance lot-to-lot and year-over-year, are achieved.

The center contact is silver plated and the body is available in a choice of low-friction Albaloy, high-performance Silver, or the hybrid Albaloy/Ag. The body and center contact are delivered RoHs certified and complete from San-tron's manufacturing center in Ipswich, MA.

Pricing for 4 Hole flange panel receptacles start under $5.00 at quantities of 3,000+. (Prices may vary depending on material costs at time of purchase.) Delivery: stock to six weeks.