The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), the UK’s professional society for the engineering and technology community, has signed an agreement with Nortel, the Canadian-based telecommunications company. The agreement will give the company’s certified technical community a fast track route to IET membership and allow its UK-based engineers and other IT professionals, who attain Nortel certifications, access to IET membership benefits including development and networking opportunities.

The certification program provides easy access to additional information, training and qualifications, which are invaluable for continuing professional development and career progression. Fast track membership means that a sponsor is not required to achieve IET membership with designatory letters. The agreement enables Nortel to validate the IET certification directly.

Robin McGill, IET chief executive, said, “Increasingly, the IET is forming partnerships with other technological organizations as part of a collaborative approach to raising standards worldwide. We are delighted that Nortel has taken this opportunity to give its UK employees access to the global knowledge network which the IET has established over the years. This information base is an acknowledged contributory factor to career success and achieving personal and professional goals." Mark Thompson, vice president sales engineers, EMEA, Nortel added, “This agreement is noteworthy for Nortel because not only does it demonstrate Nortel’s commitment to development for its technical community, but it also recognizes the high levels of professionalism that Nortel engineers achieve.”