Company History

For more than 30 years, the heritage companies which comprise Spectrum Microwave have supplied its defense and commercial customers with innovative and sophisticated RF & Microwave components and assemblies for demanding applications.

Spectrum Microwave originally evolved under the direction of Spectrum Control’s CEO Richard Southworth out of their expertise in RF & Microwave ceramic filter and antenna technologies. Spectrum’s initial strategic acquisitions in 2002 were FSY Microwave and Salisbury Engineering, both companies were leaders in there own right.

Since then, Spectrum Microwave has grown into a Multi-Million dollar corporation, made up of eight synergistic microwave companies whose mission is to deliver a quality product with exceptional performance. The growth of Spectrum can be attributed to those heritage companies that make up the core of our organization, including Amplifonix, Qbit, Magnum Microwave, Radian Technologies, EMF Systems, FSY Microwave and Salisbury Engineering.

Company Today

Spectrum Microwave, a wholly owned subsidiary of Spectrum Control, is now a leader in RF Component & System designs. Spectrum Microwave combined the rich history and talented staff of eight RF & Microwave corporations, into one world class organization.

With 5 East Coast Design/Manufacturing facilities and 2 International Commercial Manufacturing Centers abroad, Spectrum, last year in keeping with industry demands, opened a 250,000 sq. foot facility in State College, Pa. Now, with over 325 employees and 37 engineers, Spectrum Microwave is ideally suited for both specialty prototype designs as well as large multi-thousand piece requirements.

Spectrum is also an innovator in pushing technology even further with new designs everyday, including recent additions of a line of small 4 watt Broadband 2–6 GHz Surface Mount Power Amplifiers, a series of Broadband 0.1 to 22 GHz high +95 dB Isolation Switches, and a brand new small surface mount GPS Filtered Low Noise Amplifier.

Other innovations include a new line of Low Profile, Phase-Matched Multi-octave High Directivity Couplers, a new Series of Low Cost, Low Phase Noise Ku-band DROs, and our popular High Linearity Low Cost Amplifiers.

Company Product Categories

• Low Phase Noise, Low Noise & Broadband Power Amplifiers

• Cavity, Lumped Element, Ceramic, Coaxial and Waveguide Filters

• Low Loss Mixers, High Isolation Broadband Switches

• Low Phase Noise Broadband VCOs

• DTOs, CROs, PLOs, Synthesizers, Comb Generators, Switch Filter Banks, GPS LNAs, Frequency Sources and Integrated RF & Microwave Assemblies.

Contact Information

Philadelphia Operations
2707 Black Lake Place
Philadelphia, PA 19154
PH: (888) 553-7531 • FAX: (888) 553-7532