Company History

EADS North America Test and Services was originally founded in 1959 and became one of the 13 original Racal Group companies. Originally it was named Racal-Dana, but ultimately became known as Racal Instruments. A brief synopsis of our history follows:

1960s: Introduced the industry’s first Auto-Ranging RF Counter. With over 35,000 instrumentation units deployed to-date, this established the Company as the de facto choice for time and frequency measurement instrumentation worldwide.

1970s: Developed the industry’s first modular instrument chassis and plug-in switching cards and patents a novel technique for phase-locked RF signal synthesis—a method that is still the basis for all products of this kind today.

1980s: Delivered the first DIANA battlefield-deployable, integrated test and repair mobile platform to the MOD, establishing a new level of integration and Test Program Software (TPS) performance for the military and commercial markets.

1990s: Commanded a market leadership position within the Wireless and Broadband/Photonics markets, through an unprecedented level of innovation in product design in our GSM base station testers, Air Interface Protocol test systems, laser diode burn-in stations, and LIV characterization systems. We also launched our turnkey test system business with the establishment of a Test Program Set (TPS) group.

Early 2000s: Became a major player in the semiconductor production market through the development of our semiconductor burn-in test system. We were purchased by EADS North America and folded into EADS North America Test and Services with the former ARC, a leader in legacy software migration and the former Talon Instruments, a leader in digital instrumentation.

Company Today

We are true to our roots and continue to develop state-of-the-art instruments adapted for the ever demanding and developing technology market. We continue to upgrade and modify our existing product lines in a variety of test platforms: VXI, PXI, GPIB, Ethernet-controlled, and more. Our company continues to expand our wide range of switch cards for RF/Microwave, digital power, and optical signals.

We have furthered our presence in the semiconductor market through the development of our hybrid and burn-in testers and have developed the turnkey standard for the US Navy jet and shaft engine test. EADS North America Test and Services has gone one step further and introduced a new N-GEN™ tester that can be used in both military and commercial engine test applications.

Our company’s mission statement is to enable our customers to deliver reliable and technologically advanced products by providing creative solutions that exceed expectations with consistent results. With our engineering and business development talent located throughout the world, we are able to anticipate the challenges our customers will experience and design, develop, and produce the test products and systems required for the future.

Company Product Categories

We design, manufacture, and service modular, test instruments, chassis and switching systems. We provide turnkey test systems that take advantage of today’s most advanced hardware and software. These systems are versatile, scalable, multivendor solutions that are easily upgraded by incorporating modular COTS equipment. We can even develop resource performance verification, calibration, programs, and system self-tests. Because our customers have invested great resources in test programs and fixtures, we continue to service legacy systems through an eclectic mix of cutting-edge solutions, including Total System Life Management.

From modular instruments to turnkey automatic test systems and legacy systems support, we are experts in an ever-widening spectrum of testing applications. This includes commercial functional test and measurement, laser diode burn-in and production, microprocessor production, jet engine and shaft engine test, and communications test. We are able to address all markets - military, aerospace, telecommunications, semiconductor, and commercial manufacturing and services.

Testing is our business. Excellence is what we know.

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