20 Years’ Experience in Absorber Technology

Now in its 20th year, ARC Technologies continues to serve the commercial and military electronics industries with a complete line of absorber products and electrically tuned composite materials of the highest quality, manufactured in ARC’s 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Amesbury, MA. ARC offers a complete range of absorbers, providing innovative solutions to interference problems faced by military, aerospace and commercial electronics design engineers.

ARC concentrates on four major product lines:


• Dielectric materials

• Composites

• Advanced Materials

These product lines are produced by dedicated internal “focus factories”—interdisciplinary teams of ARC scientists and engineers well versed in the disciplines of microwave, radar, EMI/EMC, polymer science as well as advanced production processes such as polymer processing, composites fabrication, laminated materials and secondary processing.

In response to unique customer challenges, whether at 50 MHz or 100 GHz, nearfield, narrowband or broadband, ARC brings in-depth expertise to each situation. Over the years we have invested heavily in materials expertise, process knowledge and capital equipment to meet evolving customer needs.

Capabilities and Expertise in Advanced Materials and Processes

ARC process capabilities include extruded profiles, sandwiched composites with embedded electronics, precision painted coatings and fluorinated polymer composites fabrication.

Expertise in advanced materials is also one of ARC’s critical strengths. Each application has inherent functional and material property requirements to consider. Multifunctional materials, for example, exhibit gradients in some properties as a function of location in the part. ARC’s Radar Camouflage Units (RCU) are such a material. These units must survive severe environmental exposure while maintaining unique structural properties dictated by the functional requirements of the part. And they must still perform an important electrical task.

ARC’s experience and capabilities in compression molded elastomer, combined with their in-house rubber milling operation, make them the only fully integrated MAGRAM manufacturer in the nation. The Syntactic Foam product line, consisting of both tailored dielectic and controlled loss versions, have gained widespread acceptance in a range of applications.

An ISO 9001 company, ARC works continuously to improve its test and inspection capabilities. They maintain a state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled Quality Lab utilizing the most advanced and accurate measuring equipment.

When it comes to solving microwave interference problems in even the most advanced electronic enclosures, ARC Technologies has a product in hand or will develop an application-specific solution to meet the most demanding customer specifications.

Radar Absorbing Materials

Dielectric Foam, Gumstock, MAGRAM Sheets, Coated Honeycomb, Wave-X

Radar Absorbing Solutions

Composite structures, embedded antenna structures, radar camouflage units, resin injection molded boots, thermoplastic extruded profiles and boots, and decoy subassemblies

Contact Information

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