Gowanda Electronics, a designer and manufacturer of precision electronic components for power and RF applications, announces the introduction of a military-approved RF inductor series that is now on the military’s Qualified Product List per MIL-PRF-83446. Gowanda’s MLRF3013 series addresses a need in the marketplace for enhanced RF inductor options in military applications. Gowanda is committed to expanding its support of the military market through additional QPL pursuits for RF and power components.

The MLRF3013 series is designed for RF electronic applications in military, aerospace and defense communities. This includes use in various communications applications including space, satellite, radio, sonar, guidance and GPS/Global Positioning Systems.

Applications for this series could also include RF signal circuitry in communications equipment, test and measurement equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, and industrial process control equipment. Other applications include use in telecommunications, navigation equipment, networking and other computer peripherals, as well as in security systems, instrumentation, bar code and laboratory analysis equipment, aviation equipment, and electronic test equipment.