Vectron International, a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of frequency control, sensor and Hybrid Product solutions, today announced that its precision quartz-based (phase-locked loops) products deliver low jitter timing distribution in support of the ITU G.8261 standard for synchronous Ethernet. Vectron’s FX-424, CD-700 and FX-730 combine inherent high Q quartz-based oscillators with advanced performance PLL designs that enable communications customers to bridge high quality clock synchronization to the Ethernet.

“Vectron has a long heritage in both developing products and technologies that support SONET and Ethernet applications, and helping customers solve previously unsolved problems, establish competitive differentiation and evolve their platforms. This approach allows our customers to be well positioned to capitalize on the emerging Synchronous Ethernet market,” said Paul Gilbride, director of market management, Vectron. “As Synchronous Ethernet has become increasingly prevalent in the telecommunications market, many of our customers are now looking to transition from traditional SONET timed and synchronized networks to Next-Generation Timing and Synchronized IP-based networks. Utilizing more than 50 years of design expertise and leveraging our CD-700, FX-730 and FX-424 products we can work closely with customers to do just that.”

In today’s ever changing telecommunications market, SONET/SDH infrastructure is not optimized for heavy data traffic, presenting service providers with scale and cost issues. Ethernet, as a packet-based technology, has become the main solution to these challenges, enabling service providers to deliver all offerings over a single link. However, timing sensitive applications and bandwidth optimization requires synchronization, which is not possible with traditional Ethernet. For example, in cellular communications, synchronization helps to limit dropped calls, and in content delivery to the home, synchronization enables network providers to optimize available bandwidth so consumers can watch their favorite shows in high definition. Synchronous Ethernet is an approach that enables synchronization to be distributed over the physical layer of the Ethernet network in similar way to the SONET / SDH standards.