After 37 years of service to HP and Agilent, John Barr will be retiring at the end of this month. Barr joined HP in 1971 after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has held numerous roles in R&D including RF component designer, software engineer and then advanced through R&D management positions to R&D lab manager.

Barr's career has a long list of achievements, including the development of the HP84000 RFIC tester and several network analyzers, such as the HP8510. He published 12 papers on RF measurement techniques, received five patents, and maintained active membership in the IEEE before becoming an IEEE Fellow in 2002. He served as president of MTTS in 2002 as well as the general chair of IMS 2006.

Barr joined Agilent EEsof in 2004 as the foundry program manager and most recently the RFIC product manager for RFDE and GoldenGate. His immediate future plans are to unwind, spend quality time as a grandfather, catch up on home projects, volunteer more time with the IEEE and continue to stay active in the RF/RFIC measurement field.