Auriga Measurement Systems LLC announced that over the past several months it has been awarded research and development contracts by Army’s CECOM and Navy’s SPAWAR and NAVAIR departments; this is the company’s second win with NAVAIR. The ARMY SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) award is for a high-powered multi-component switch for the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS), while the NAVAIR and SPAWAR projects focus on high-efficiency and low-noise power amplifiers, respectfully.

“We are teaming with some great partners on these projects,” said Yusuke Tajima, director of modeling and design services for Auriga. “We have partnered with BAE for the NAVAIR wide band-gap amplifier and with M/A-COM (subsidiary of Tyco Electronics) for the Army and SPAWAR switch and LNA (low noise amplifier) projects. In addition, M/A-COM is utilizing MIT for the Army switch – taking advantage of some advanced technology MIT is currently researching.” Auriga realizes there is a tremendous technological and commercial advantage in partnering with these industry leaders.

“These wins are a huge testament to Yusuke and his team’s talents,” said Bruce Cohen, president and CEO of Auriga. “In our core target space of high-power, high-efficiency, and high-frequency amplifiers and switches, we have won all four Phase I SBIR opportunities we have pursued. I could not be more excited about the success we are seeing within the SBIR program.”

Auriga plans to continue to pursue SBIR solicitations that support the company’s goal of advancing the capabilities of RF microwave users and that leverage the team’s experience in design and modeling. Particular focus will be on high performance RF, microwave and millimeter-wave technologies that make use of GaAs and GaN.